Guiding Principles for Committee
Wednesday, September 4, 2013 8:25 PM

District 10 Como Park Community Council

Boundary Change Ad Hoc Committee

Guiding Principles


The following principles will guide the Boundary Change Ad Hoc Committee recommendations for incorporating the South Como area previously represented by District 6 into District 10.

1.    Subdistrict Boundaries.  Wherever possible, subdistrict boundaries will be redrawn to provide for proportional representation of residents, support for “communities of interest,” and clarity by corresponding to recognizable features.

1.1.      Fair RepresentationThe district will be divided into areas so that each subdistrict contains a relatively equal number of residents, based upon 2010 Census data.

1.2.      Communities of Interest.  Subdistrict boundaries will be drawn to account for and encourage representation for recognizable and similar interests of subdistrict residents.

1.3.      Geographic Features.  Subdistrict boundaries will correspond to recognizable geographical features and major barriers, such as railroads or major streets.

2.   Board Composition and Size.  Alternative models for Board membership will be evaluated and may be changed to provide for equitable representation of all areas and interests within the expanded district.

2.1.      Each subdistrict will be allocated two (2) positions, as is currently specified, and to encourage subdistrict representation when one representative is absent.  These positions may be limited to residents.

2.2.      As many as three (3) positions will be reserved for business, non-profit and institutional representatives.  These organizations may be located anywhere within the District.

2.3.      At-Large positions will be limited to the four (4) district officer positions.

2.4.      The total number of Board members may be expanded beyond the current number of 15, but not beyond 19 members.

3.   Community Involvement.  The process will be open and transparent to the District 10 and South Como communities.

3.1.      Input.  Input will be actively sought from members of the existing District 10 community and from South Como residents.

3.2.      Communication.  A variety of methods, including the D10 web site and newsletter, E-Blasts, block club e-mails and local newspapers, will be used to communicate committee updates and public meetings. 

3.3.      Review.  Reviews of proposed by-laws and boundary changes will be open the public at District Council monthly meetings.  Special public forums will also be considered for the dissemination and review of new by-laws.

4.   District 6 Coordination.  The committee will work with the District 6 Coordinator to seek input from District 6 stakeholders and communicate changes to the District 6 community. 

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