Lanes and Paths Make a Difference
Tuesday, September 5, 2017 1:55 PM


If Como Ave. and Front Ave. are any indication, adding bike lanes to city streets actually does increase cycling. That is among the facts in Saint Paul’s latest report on pedestrian and bicycle traffic (you can download a PDF of the full report from the right column). Some local highlights from the report:

  • After the city added bike lanes in early 2016 on Como Ave. between Dale and Nagasaki, peak ridership increased 62 percent. After the city added bike lanes on Front Ave. between Dale and Lexington, ridership nearly doubled (though the total is noticeably smaller). Overall, the city estimates, on a typical September day, 248 cyclists use that stretch of Como and 68 cyclists use that stretch of Front.
  • The busiest bicycling spot in District 10 is at Como Ave. and Hamline. The city estimates 518 cyclists use that intersection on a typical September day.
  • The paths along Lexington Parkway south of Como Lake Drive are by far the busiest walking location. The study counted 363 walkers in the two-hour peak period; that’s a 23 percent increase since 2013, and was the highest count in the entire city in 2016. Overall, the city estimates, nearly 2,000 people walk at that location on a typical September day.
  • Speaking of popular: The Nice Ride bike-sharing station at the Como Lakeside Pavilion is by far the busiest in Saint Paul. It gets 34 percent more riders than the next-busiest Nice Ride dock in the city. 

Want to count bikes and people this year? Saint Paul holds its annual bicycle and pedestrian count this week. Counts take place from 4-6 p.m. Tuesday-Thursday, Sept. 12-14. If you want a shift, sign up here.

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