Lexington Has Plenty of Room for Improvement, Survey Participants Say
Wednesday, April 12, 2017 4:15 PM

Eliminating this lane weave on Lexington north of the railroad tracks got the highest level of support among survey participants.

Participants in a District 10 survey overwhelmingly support a range of changes big and small to address traffic, bicycle, and pedestrian safety along Lexington Parkway.

District 10’s Land Use Committee, which created the survey, will use results to suggest improvements to Saint Paul, Ramsey County, State of Minnesota, and Saint Paul Parks officials. In addition to the 10 ideas suggested in the survey, participants suggested more than 3 dozen others to pursue.

More than 740 people took the online survey, the largest response in District 10’s history. Though the survey is not statistically “scientific,” the preferences of residents who participated are clear. More than 90 percent of survey participants live in Saint Paul; more than 75 percent live in the District 10 neighborhood.

New lane markings
The idea with the largest support is repainting lane markings to eliminate the “weave” on northbound Lexington after it goes under the railroad tracks and heads toward the intersection with Wynne / Como Ave. 90 percent of those who took the survey favor new lane configurations, which are a frequent site of sudden lane changes by motorists not familiar with the area.

More than 87 percent want changes at the Como / Horton intersection, too, where northbound Lexington narrows from three lanes to one as it enters the park. This is another spot where drivers jockey for position as they head up a hill into the park. Survey respondents want the lanes repainted to establish left-turn-only, straight, and right-turn-only lanes.

Make it safer to get across
Respondents also strongly support changes intended to improve bicycle and pedestrian safety. The most popular idea – backed by 89 percent of respondents – is to build a path making it possible to get safely to the golf clubhouse / ski center / Cozy’s Pub on foot or by bicycle. Currently, there is no path to those destinations. Getting there from elsewhere on the west side of Lexington requires going overland; getting there from the east side of Lexington requires a risky navigation of Lexington into a parking lot.

Just north of there, at E. Como Lake Drive, 85 percent of respondents support installing a pedestrian-activated, flashing warning light where the existing pedestrian path crosses Lexington. Currently, this heavily used pedestrian intersection contains only a marked crosswalk.

Raise the bike path's profile
Survey participants also support raising the visibility of the bicycle and pedestrian path that runs along the west side of Lexington from Pierce Butler Route into the park. 81 percent want better signs where the path crosses Energy Park Drive, 77 percent want the crossing at Energy Park Drive to be painted green to designate that it is a bicycle crossing, and 68 percent want the additional safety of a raised crosswalk wherever the path crosses a street.

Don’t change the speed limit
Survey respondents were split on other suggested changes that would affect motorists. 72 percent supported installing “do not block intersection” signs on northbound Lexington south of Larpenteur, where motorists frequently make it impossible to cross from side streets during rush hour and other peak times. 61 percent would like signs on Highway 36 to steer motorists to the Zoo and Conservatory via Snelling, rather than Lexington, which is now the case.

But two-thirds of respondents oppose reducing the speed limit on Lexington from 30 mph to 20, and even more – 72 percent – oppose removing the “right turn only” ramp from eastbound Energy Park Drive onto southbound Lexington.

Survey results at a glance

  • Change lane markings on northbound Lexington to eliminate the “weave” between BNSF tracks and Como/Wynne Ave.: 90%
  • Create a safe crossing or path for bicyclists and pedestrians to get to the golf clubhouse / ski center / Cozy’s Pub: 89%
  • Create specific left-turn-only, straight, and right-turn-only lane markings on northbound Lexington at Como/Horton: 88%
  • Install a pedestrian-activated, flashing warning light where the existing path crosses Lexington at E. Como Lake Drive: 86%
  • Improve the warning signs where Energy Park Drive crosses the bicycle path on the west side of Lexington: 81%
  • Paint the crosswalk green where the Lexington bicycle path crosses Energy Park Drive: 77%
  • Post “do not block intersection” signs on northbound Lexington between the park and Larpenteur: 72%
  • Keep the “right turn only” ramp from eastbound Energy Park Drive onto southbound Lexington: 72%
  • Install raised crosswalks where bicycle/pedestrian paths cross streets along Lexington in the park: 68%
  • Keep the speed limit on Lexington at 30 mph: 66%
  • Move signs on Highway 36 so Snelling is the recommended exit for Zoo and Conservatory traffic: 61%


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