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Monday, May 1, 2017 4:25 PM


Here are nearby road construction projects that the Minnesota Department of Transportation, Ramsey County, and the City of Saint Paul have sketched out for 2017:

  • Como Ave. will be resurfaced from Dale east to Marion, and from Raymond west to Commonwealth. Also, Saint Paul will install new lantern-style LED streetlights from Dale to northwest of Jessamine. Current status: Only one lane is open in each direction on Como between Raymond and Commonwealth. Also, there is no access to and from the north at Cleveland. Streetlights are installed.
  • Energy Park Drive: The railroad crossing east of Raymond will be reconstructed.
  • Highway 10: The westbound ramp to northbound Interstate 35W is closed through August.
  • Interstate 35E: The bridge over Shepard Road is being repaired and resurfaced. Throught September, there are only two lanes open in each direction on 35E, and only one lane open in each direction on Shepard Road.
  • Interstate 94: Resurfacing resumes from downtown Saint Paul east to Maplewood. There is a constantly shifting set of lane restrictions and ramp closures. Current status
  • Interstate 694: Reconstruction resumes from Lexington east to Rice.Current status: There are lane and ramp restrictions between Lexington and Interstate 35E. The ramps from eastbound 694 to Lexington and from Lexington to eastbound I-694 are closed through July 7. The ramp from Rice St. to westbound 694 is closed through November.
  • Minnehaha Ave. will be resurfaced between Como west to Arundel and between Dale and the intersection at Pierce Butler Route.
  • Pierce Butler Route will be resurfaced between Minnehaha and Snelling.
  • Raymond Ave. will be rebuilt north of Energy Park Drive. Current status: Completed.
  • Rice St. will be reconstructed from Pennsylvania north to Sycamore.
  • Snelling Ave. will undergo pavement repairs, intersection expansion, and other work between Como Ave. and Highway 36. (see details below)
  • Wheelock Parkway will be reconstructed from Victoria/Maryland east to Maywood or Dale.

Snelling Ave. (Highway 51)
MnDOT's Snelling Ave. construction project began April 3 and is expected to run until October. During much of that time, only one lane will be open in each direction between Como Ave. and Highway 36. However, all lanes will be open during the State Fair, construction engineers say. During the entire project, access from cross streets may be affected for a few days at a time. Crews expect to work 7 a.m.-7 p.m. weekdays and some Saturdays.

  • Current status: Only one traffic lane is open in each direction between Como Ave. and Highway 36. On Larpenteur, only one traffic lane is open eastbound at Snelling.

The project includes concrete repairs and replacement, median and intersection modifications, and installing a sidewalk between Hoyt and Larpenteur. The intersection of Snelling and Larpenteur will expand noticably: a right-hand turn lane will be added from eastbound Larpenteur to southbound Snelling; a second left-turn lane will be added from northbound Snelling to westbound Larpenteur; and a second left-turn lane will be added from southbound Snelling to eastbound Larpenteur. Farther north, a second left-turn lane will be added from northbound Snelling to westbound County Road B.

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