Minutes--August 19, 2013
Friday, September 6, 2013 5:45 PM

District 10 Como Park Community Council

Boundary Change Ad Hoc Committee

Minutes – August 19, 2013


Attendees: Pete Bolstad (Co-Chair), David Arbeit (Co-Chair), Panod Klongtruatroke, William Lipkin, Ted Blank (District 10 Administrator), Erin Dooley, Anne McInerney


I.               Welcome to Ann: The group introduced themselves and welcomed Anne to the committee.


II.              Posting of Minutes/Committee Documents: Pete indicated the minutes and documents have still not been posted to the website.  Panod and Ted offered their assistance if needed.


III.            Review of Agenda/Minutes: The committee approved the meeting agenda and the minutes of the 8/5/13 meeting. 


IV.            Bylaw Update: Ted Scheu, former District 10 Board member, has agreed to review the by-laws prior to being voted on by the Board.


V.             Review of Maps/Sub-districts/Committee process: David reviewed the boundary options discussed at the last meeting, during which consideration was narrowed to scenarios with four sub-districts.  He reported that a fifth sub-district could not be constructed without violating the Guiding Principles adopted by the Board.  A handout with maps and demographic profiles for scenarios was distributed.  After extensive discussion of the alternatives, members unanimously agreed that the committee would recommend Scenario 4C, which would create a fourth sub-district running from Snelling to Dale south of the railroad line and included Energy Park.  The existing District 10 sub-districts would be modified, but no existing Board member would be affected.  Each of the four districts would be bounded by clear and recognizable geographic features or landmarks, be relatively equal in population size, and contain populations that comprised communities of interest that were likely to have similar needs.  The committee also felt that Scenario 4B had merits and that it and Scenario 4A should be presented along with the recommendation, Scenario 4C, at the public meeting scheduled for September 25.


VI.            September 25 Public Meeting/ Future Planning: Ted announced that he has reserved the basement meeting room at St. Timothy Lutheran church for the September 25 meeting.  The committee agreed to the following schedule:


September 2013: Boundary Change committee will prepare for Public Meeting

September 25, 2013: Public Meeting

October 2, 2013: Review of Public input with Executive Committee

October 2013: Final Draft of Bylaws for review by Board and for Public Input

November 2013: District 10 Board vote on Bylaws

December 2013: Special Election for Sub-district 4 representatives

January 1, 2014: South Como area officially moves to District 10/First day of official representation of Sub-district 4

January-April 2014: Committee will continue working on the transition through communication with committees and Sub-district 4 residents

April 15, 2014: Annual Election


VII.          August 20 District 10 Board Meeting Preparation: The committee agreed to present the following recommendations to the District 10 Board at tomorrow’s meeting:


      We will be recommending a four sub-district model.  Our recommendation is Scenario 4C; however, we will be bringing the 4A and 4B maps to the meeting

      2 Representatives for each Sub-district, 4 Officers and 5 At-Large Members

      17 Board members total

      Since population size of the individual sub-districts may change over time (e.g. former Sholom site and Sub-District 1) the committee is recommending that District 10 review the boundaries of sub-districts after each census.

      No existing Board members will be affected by the change in sub-districts

      We are recommending that a special election for Sub-district 4 representatives be held in December 2013.  The interim terms will be for January 1, 2014 – April 15, 2014. At the 2014 annual meeting one individual will be elected for a two-year term and one person will be elected for a one-year term

      By-law Changes will be reviewed in October 2013 and voted on in November 2013. 


Respectfully submitted,


 Pete Bolstad

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