Minutes--July 15, 2013
Wednesday, September 4, 2013 8:15 PM

District 10 Como Park Community Council

Boundary Change Ad Hoc Committee

Minutes – July 15, 2013


Attendees: Pete Bolstad (Co-Chair), David Arbeit (Co-Chair), Ted Blank (District 10 Administrator), Panod Klongtruatroke, William Lipkin, Art Oglesby and Erin Murphy


I.               Review of Agenda: The committee reviewed and agreed on the agenda for tonight’s meeting.  David asked if we could add an agenda item to review the framework of the committee’s upcoming business. 


II.              Review of 6/17/13 and 7/1/13 Minutes: The committee reviewed the minutes of the 6/17/13 and 7/1/13 meetings.  Suggestions were made to change two items.  Pete agreed to make these changes.  Pete indicated that he accidentally deleted the revisions for the 6/3/13 meeting and threw out paper copies of the 6/3 meeting.


III.            Welcome to Anne and Art: David and the committee provided an update of the committee’s progress to our newest members, Erin Murphy and Art Oglesby.


IV.            Review of Framework: The committee discussed the following items


·       Reviewed General Principles and current maps/scenarios for sub-districts.  Committee members generally accepted the maps showing four sub-districts.  Two members asked if future maps could explore additional five sub-district scenarios.

·       The committee talked about whether we want to continue exploring adding additional seats devoted to business/institution representatives.  Pete expressed a preference for not adding specific seats for business/institution members.

·       The committee agreed that any presentation to the District 10 Board and the community lay out several different options for re-drawing sub-districts.

·       The committee talked about possible time frames for the community meeting.  The committee agreed that the meeting should occur no later than mid-October. 

·       The committee agreed to present new bylaws to the District 10 Board no later than the November meeting.

·       Pete indicated that he and Panod would meet prior to the next meeting to identify specific bylaw sections to be modified.

·       David agreed to bring additional maps and scenarios to our next meeting. 


V.             Presentation at July 16 Board Meeting:

The committee agreed that we were not ready to present proposals at tomorrow’s District 10 Board meeting.


VI.            Adjournment:

Committee agreed to adjourn at 9 PM.


Respectfully submitted,




Pete Bolstad


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