Minutes--May 20, 2013
Wednesday, September 4, 2013 8:10 PM

District 10 Como Park Community Council

Boundary Change Ad Hoc Committee

Minutes – May 20, 2013


Attendees: Pete Bolstad (Co-Chair), David Arbeit (Co-Chair), Panod Klongtruatroke and Ted Blank (District 10 Administrator)


I.               Agenda Review: Committee reviewed agenda items for this meeting.


II.              COPP Grant Proposal:

Ted informed the committee that Amy Brendmoen has agreed to receive a COPP grant for District 10 expenses with the committee’s work and communication efforts.  Ted reviewed the details of the COPP grant with the committee.


III.            Guiding Principles/Sub-district Analysis:

The committee reviewed the guiding principles revised by David this past weekend.  David distributed a comparison chart of the size and composition of the other community councils in St. Paul. The committee agreed to the idea of business representation and possible elimination of at-large representatives.  David showed the committee a map of the current District 10 boundaries with the additional South Como area.  This map showed the disproportionate population size of the four areas.  For example, the population of Sub-District 1 is 5,727.  David reviewed five scenarios with the committee.  Each scenario showed six sub-districts.  The committee expressed preference for one or two of the scenarios and agreed that the census of the sub-districts were more evenly distributed.  Panod recommended that the committee review the guiding principles and three of the scenarios with the District 10 board.  Pete agreed to send a copy of the guiding principles before tomorrow’s board meeting.  David agreed to look at alternate models for re-districting.


IV.            Recruiting/Committee Outreach:

Pete reviewed plans for recruiting new members for the committee with the goal of adding new members to the committee by July 1.  The District 10 Board will review an action item for public recruitment of new members as well as the Guiding Principles for the committee.


V.             Schedule for Upcoming Meetings:

The committee agreed to meet on the first and third Mondays for the next 2 ½ months.  The meetings will be held at Java Train at 8 PM.


VI.            Adjournment:

Committee agreed to adjourn at 9 PM.


Respectfully submitted,




Pete Bolstad

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