Minutes--September 5, 2013
Wednesday, November 13, 2013 6:35 AM

District 10 Como Park Community Council

Boundary Change Ad Hoc Committee

Minutes – September 5, 2013


Attendees: Pete Bolstad (Co-Chair), David Arbeit (Co-Chair), Ted Blank (District 10 Administrator), Erin Dooley, William Lipkin, Anne McInerney, Art Oglesby


I.               Agenda Review: The committee reviewed and agreed to the proposed agenda.


II.              Update on Ad Hoc Materials on District 10 website:

Pete informed the committee that all of the minutes except for the first June meeting have been placed on the website.  The committee charter and the guiding principles have also been added to the site.  Ted will work on putting the maps of proposed sub-districts on the site.


III.            Review/Approval of Minutes for 8/19/13 meeting:

David expressed concern that the summary in Section V, Review of Maps/Sub-districts/Committee process was missing some of the details of the discussion. David agreed to edit the section and re-send it to the committee.  Pete agreed to post the edited minutes to the website.


IV.            Review Summary of Recommendations from August Board Meeting:

The committee agreed that there was positive reaction from the District 10 Board to the Summary of Recommendations.  There did not appear to be any concerns regarding the recommendations or the committee schedule.


V.             Plan for Presentation for 9/25 Public Meeting:

Ted reported on his efforts for publicizing the public meeting.  He reported there will be information posted in the Monitor and Bugle.  He also indicated he will put a “Save a Date” posting in the 9/13 and 9/20 e-newsletters.  District 6 will be posting the information on their website.  Information about the meeting will also be put on both the District 10 and South Como websites.  The committee discussed putting a special tab regarding the public meeting on the District 10 website.  Art suggested using the E-democracy site for publicizing the meeting.


The committee reviewed the information to be presented at the public meeting.  The committee agreed on the following details for the meeting.


·       Produce large versions of the 4A, 4B and 4C for review by the public

·       Develop PowerPoint presentation including information about district councils, boundary change process and analysis, bylaw revisions, recommendations and a section regarding how the South Como community can become involved in the transition.  Ted and David will take the lead in developing the PowerPoint presentation.

·       Pete will lead the Question and Answer period.  Half-sheet comment cards will be made available for community input.

·       Councilmember Brendmoen will be invited to attend the meeting and provide background information

·       District 10 Chair Jon Knox will be asked to introduce board members, committee chairs and to present information about district councils.


VI.            By-law revisions/planning for presentation of by-laws to the Board:

Pete will work with Panod in re-writing the relevant sections of the by-laws and will present this information to the committee at the October 7 meeting.


Respectfully submitted,


Pete Bolstad

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