Minutes- 3/28/11

District 10 Neighborhood Safety Committee
Block Club Meeting/Monthly Committee Meeting
Monday, March 28, 2011
Attendees: Mary Kay Kersting, Mary Ginther, Janna Caywood, Hydee Becker, Jeanne Baumann, Patricia Winget, Elaine Allen, AndreaLynn Johnson, Pete Bolstad, Jessie Bronk (District 10 Neighborhood Organizer), Dolores Rufenacht (Safety Committee Chair)
Jessie Bronk called the meeting to order at 6:35 PM.
The participants of the Block Club meeting introduced themselves including their address and interest in safety issues.
General Questions/Discussion with Block Leaders
  • Safety Concerns-Mary G. reported that on Sunday 3/20 there was small group of men walking around her neighborhood with baseball bats. These individuals went through the garbage in the area near Job Corps Center.
  • Jessie handed out the recent crime report for the week of 3/17-3/23.
  • Jessie referenced the Bicycle Safety Rodeo on April 30, 2011.
  • Good Ideas—Janet brought in CLNN brochures for Curbside Clean-up
  • Jessie pointed out the brochures for Adopt-a-Block from the City of St. Paul’s Come Clean program.
  • Dolores asked if there was anyone who was interested in a National Night out party (August 2, 2011).
  • Group asked if the committee could re-consider the schedule for Block Club meetings (every three months).
  • Block Club leaders also asked to re-visit the topics brought up at December’s meeting.
Speaker – RuthAnn Eide – Crime Prevention Tips
Ruth Ann brought out flyers from Police Department regarding Safety Tips.
  • Theft From Vehicles
  • Social Host Law brochure
  • Juvenile Curfew Law flyer
  • Who To Call To Report Graffiti/Vandalism
  • Crime Prevention Sheets regarding “Describe the Suspects” and “Vehicle Descriptions”
  • Residential Burglary Prevention Tips
  • F.O.R.C.E. (Focusing Our Resources on Community Empowerment) flyer.
Ms. Eide referenced the FORCE sheet and commented, “when in doubt call 911.”
She also answered the following question:
Question: Are there more police in area due to spring and the possibility of an increase in thefts in spring, etc.?
Answer: RuthAnn noted there is an increase in certain patrols during the spring. She commented that there will be a new academy so there may be more officers on staff soon.
Ms. Eide reminded all attendees that noise, lighting and the time needed to commit a crime are variables in decreasing crime or increasing the possibility that someone will be caught in the commission of a crime. 
Monthly Meeting of Neighborhood Safety Committee
At the conclusion of the Neighborhood Block Club Leaders meeting Dolores, Jessica and Pete met for the monthly meeting.
I.               Review of Agenda:
Agreed to approve the agenda
II.              February Minutes:
Minutes from February committee meeting will be reviewed and approved through e-mail.
III.            Reports:
·      Dolores is going to get reports sent to her so she can make suggestions to Police Department
·      Dolores also talked about filing police reports/crime statistics and running her own totals.
·      Jessie reported on Police meeting at Baker Recreation Center. January and February were viewed as “average/decent.” They are expecting an increase in March and with warmer weather, especially theft. She reminded people about using Nixle. In 2010 there were 1,000 burglaries. The meeting also talked about efforts to decrease the graffiti in District 10 and the comment was made that the faster graffiti gets cleaned up the more it gets reduced. Jessie reported the audience also heard information about the Come Clean Campaign, new program from SP Public Works and Adopt a Container. She also indicated that Carol Newman, volunteer from West Side Safe Neighborhood Council handed out manual regarding educating/teaching Block Clubs.
IV.           Action Items:
·      Review of crime statistics/refer to Block Club Leaders section
·      Discussion of Block Club leaders concerns from tonight, ideas about future agendas and Emergency Procedures: Agreed that updates will be received through Nixle and e-mails from City Council members.
·      Dolores reminded all regarding the Bike Rodeo meeting for April 6 at 5:30-6:45 at Streetcar Station. Dolores will work on sending flyers to schools. She is also checking on the availability of Boy Scouts being to help with the event. Dolores provided updates on bike helmets and other volunteers.
·      National Night Out—Dolores suggested checking police department web site so District 10 can start planning.
·      A Staycation planning meeting will be held on Wednesday, 3/30 at NWC. 
V.             Adjournment:             
Committee adjourned at 8:50 PM.
Respectfully submitted,
Pete Bolstad

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