Minutes-02/ 2012
Wednesday, March 21, 2012 8:00 PM



Historic Streetcar Station

1224 Lexington Parkway North, St Paul, MN 55103

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

7:00 PM



      I.         Call to Order: Chairperson Jon Knox called the meeting to order at 7:02 p.m.          

    II.         Board Introductions: 

Members Present: Jon Knox, Linda Hinderscheit, Penny Spence, Chris Harkness, Kim Moon, Tom Eyre, Dick Dian, Ron Edlund, Ted Blank, Panod Klongtruatroke


Excused: Laurie Erickson, Betsy Wehrwein


Absent:   Barbara Clark, Jody McCardle


Staff Present: Jessie Bronk           

  III.         Review, Amend, Approval of Agenda:            Remove CRPAC items from Board discussion section. Paul Kolias is not in attendance.

            Motion: Approve amended agenda (Dian-Harkness) Passed.

   IV.         COMMUNITY SECTION                                                                       

A.) Board Chair Report: Marcy Micek, former board member, passed away last week after having two stokes. We had a moment of silence in her memory. We will have a paper crane-folding event on March 24th, her birthday. Sally Worku's husband passed away last week as well.    

B.) Treasurer’s Report:. By year end 2011, our spending exceeded the city grant amounts slightly; however, with the funds raised through events and donations we ended the year with a $1997 surplus, an increase in retained earnings. With our great cash position, we have enough money in reserve to cover expenses while waiting for approval of the 2012 city grant applications.

C.) School Choice Presentation: Jayne Williams reviewed the St. Paul Public Schools’ Stategic Plan (Strong Schools, Strong Communities). Accommodations for families caught in the transition period were discussed. Questions were taken from board members and the community members in attendance.

 D.) Open sub-district 3 board position: A sub-district 3 resident has expressed interested in running for the open sub-district 3 position.

Motion: Approve the candidate’s nomination by acclimation (Harkness-Spence).

Note: The candidate indicated at the end of tonight’s meeting that she had reconsidered a position on the board and withdrew.  The sub-district 3 position remains open.

E.) Miscellaneous community discussion:

o   Kristal Leebrick, editor of the Park Bugle, attended the meeting and introduced herself. The Bugle is trying to get more Como neighborhood news in the paper. Anyone is encouraged to contact her with story ideas.

o   Amy Brendmoen, Ward 5 City Councilperson, was in attendance. Money has been approved to install permanent security cameras at Como Park. Jessie asked Amy Brendmoen if there is Ward 5 COPP funding this year. There will be some funding, but significantly less is available compared to last year.

o   Janice Rettman, Ramsey County Commissioner, reported that she had communicated with the 911 Communication Center about our concerns regarding the break-ins at Como Park during the holidays (discussed at the 1-17-12 board meeting). The St. Paul Police have produced a training video about community policing and appropriate response to concerns. Janice thanked us for bringing this issue to light at our last meeting, so it could be acted upon.

    V.         BOARD BUSINESS SECTION                                   

A.     Review/Amend/Approve Minutes & Financial Statements:

Motion: Approve minutes of last meeting (Moon-Blank) Passed


B.     Board donation discussion: Jon Knox proposed making a $100 donation in memory of Marcy Micek, former Treasurer of the District 10 Board. The money would come from cash reserves. Individual contributions will also be accepted. Give individual donations to Jessie by March 24th (date of the paper crane event).

Motion: Donate $100 in memory of Marcy Micek to the charity of the family's choice (Spence-Moon) Passed


C.     Board Code of Conduct discussion: Jessie Bronk led a discussion to set informal guidelines for conduct and communication at board and committee meetings. Jessie took notes and will distribute them. We agreed to read the Bylaws before the next meeting and be prepared to discuss them.


D.    2012 plan- goals, events: Panod Klongtruatroke reviewed a handout listing the long running and board-approved community events and potential new events for 2012.

o   Questions were raised regarding the timing of the neighborhood garage sale. It may be too late to change for 2012, because Jessie has already communicated about this event to the community. The Staycation in July takes a lot of staff time, so June might be too hectic for staff to manage both events in close succession. National Night Out is held in August. The neighborhood clean up is in September. The garage sale needs to find a committee home, because right now Jessie is responsible for the majority of the planning and execution of the garage sale. A suggestion was made to have the Neighborhood Relations and Safety Committee (NRSC) take charge of this event. Timing of the neighborhood garage sale for 2013 should be referred for committee discussion through NRSC.

o   Staycation: Penny Spence suggested making the art crawl an annual event. Chris Harkness suggested issuing parking permits for visitors to the garden tour and art crawl, so they would not be ticketed while parked in the restricted parking areas. Continue to host Staycation.

o   Continue to host pancake breakfast.

o   Continue to participate in neighborhood clean up at Fairgrounds.

o   CLNN and the Environment Committee are working together on cooperative efforts.

o   Continue to increase participation in National Night Out.

o   Increase fundraising events/efforts. Involve more committees in fundraising efforts including grant proposals.


E.     2012 City grant & budget discussion: City grants have not yet been submitted, but should be ready for board review at the March meeting. An increase in staff salary is reflected in the 2012 budget.


Motion: Approve a 4% staff salary increase for 2012 (Blank-Spence) Passed.  

           Motion: Approve the 2012 budget (Klongtruatroke-Moon) Passed.


F.     Ward 4 COPP grant allocation: We were awarded a $3,000 grant to be allocated to either one or both of our proposed projects. The Executive Committee recommended putting all the funding toward the Land Use District Plan ad hoc Committee. Chris will come to the next EC meeting to discuss job posting.


Motion: Allocate Ward 4 COPP grant funds toward District 10 ad hoc Land Use Plan (Edlund-Blank). Passed.


G.     Como Park Pool discussion:  Jessie Bronk attended a Parks and Rec meeting regarding a Grand Opening event for the Como Pool on June 9th. They would like input from the neighborhood. It was suggested that the District 6 Land Use Committee should be invited to these Parks and Rec discussions regarding the pool-opening event, given the proximity of District 6 to that section of Como Park. Jessie will convey this message to Parks and Rec. Janice Rettman suggested that Marsha Milgrom should be invited to participate in the discussions, because she was so involved in the pool issue in the past. Jessie will invite Parks and Rec to our next Board meeting to present during the community section of the meeting.


H.    Staff Report: Jessie Bronk reported that the kick-off meeting for the Community Garden group has been held. Seven people attended. Potential sites were suggested and are being investigated.


I.      CRPAC Update: Paul Kolias did not attend tonight’s meeting.


J.      Committee Updates: Updates were presented only on items not included in committee minutes contained in the board packet.

a.     Land Use Committee (Kim Moon): Sue Gunderson (Chelsea Heights/NW Como Playground) will be at the next Land Use meeting on March 5th. Jessie has not heard back from the Snelling Ave. Transportation study regarding future meetings. A procedure for getting Land Use support for Gabe's variance requests will be discussed at the next Land Use meeting. Tim Weiss is also appearing before the District 6 Land Use Committee next week. Kim plans to go to that meeting. Gabe's goes before City Council on March 7th to request a noise variance for St. Patrick’s Day. Kim plans to attend the City Council meeting.


b.     District Plan ad hoc Committee (Chris Harkness): At the last meeting, they worked on the charter and clarified district plans vs. small area plans. Our revised Land Use District Plan may include potential recommendations for specific small area plans.


c.      Neighborhood Relations & Safety Committee (Ted Blank & Betsy Wehrwein): Ted had no further information to add to the minutes that were included in the board packet. The previously proposed homeowner forum was put on hold as the committee revises its charter.


d.     District Operations Committee: This reorganized committee will hold a meeting soon.


e.     Environment Committee (Ron Edlund): The Environment Committee is working with the City of St. Paul on procedures and volunteer recruitment to facilitate the clean up of Como Lake on a more recurring basis.


f.      Bylaw Review- Ad hoc Committee update (Panod K):The Bylaws revision committee met in January and will meet again in February to continue reviewing the current bylaws. Panod distributed a written report at the meeting tonight.


Adjourn:  Motion to adjourn the meeting (Spence-Klongtruatroke) Adjourned at 9:02. p.m.                                                                        

Minutes recorded by Linda R. Hinderscheit, Secretary

Minutes were approved on 3/20/2012


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