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District 10 Como Community Council Board Meeting

North Dale Recreation Center

1414 St. Albans Street North, Saint Paul, MN  55108

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

7:00 PM



I. Call to Order: Chairperson Jon Knox called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.

II. Board Introductions

Present: Jon Knox, Chris Harkness, Linda Hinderscheit, Tom Eyre, Kim Moon, Debra Pursley, Tedd James, Pete Bolstad, Julie Tholen, Mary Michalski, and Dana Saeger

Absent: Jackie Gulbranson and Curt Stock

Staff Present: Ted Blank

III. Review, Amend, Approval of Agenda: 

Motion: Approve the agenda (Moon-Bolstad) Passed


A. Board Chair Report:  Jon Knox reported on the Mayor's budget with regard to our funding and the addition of the South Como area to D10. There might be some supplemental funding for D10 and D6 for the transition year. Jon also reported on State Fair parking at Traditions. The group, which managed parking last year, will not be involved this year. There will be parking on the paved areas only, not on the grass. Trash pick up will be more frequent. They might be hiring people from the neighborhood to park cars. The new ownership group has not yet closed on the building. They are still working on financing the project. Jon has been re-assured that communication with D10 will be more consistent than in the past. 

B. Treasurer's Report: Tom Eyre reported that our cash balance is slightly lower than last month, due to payments for expenses for ComoFest, but is still strong. Our profit was approximately $700 from ComoFest. We are investigating renegotiating our office lease. We pay considerably more per square foot than other district councils. Ted Blank has been doing some cost comparisons with other possible sites. 

C. Board Elections for Sub-District 3 and At-Large Positions: Patrick Tschida has submitted an application for the open board position for sub-distict 3. Patrick was not in attendance at tonight's meeting. He submitted a description of his qualifications, which the Executive Committee reviewed, but that part of his application accidentally did not get included in tonight's board packet.

Motion: Table Patrick Tschida's nomination (James-Moon) Passed.

Frank Dolejsi was present at tonight's meeting and volunteered for the open at-large position. Frank lives in sub-district 2. 

Motion: Elect Frank Dolejsi to the open at-large board position by acclamation. (Harkness-Michalski) Passed.

Motion: Re-open Patrick Tschida's nomination (Bolstad-Harkness) Passed.

Motion: Elect Patrick Tschida to the sub-district 3 board position by acclamation (Michalski-Bolstad) Passed.

D. Miscellaneous Community Discussion: A resident of the North Dale neighborhood was present and reported that there have been problems recently with minors hanging around the North Dale Rec Center parking lot after hours. Trash has been a problem. She called the police on Saturday night, and they came to break up the gathering. When the rec center is closed, the parking lot is also closed. Ted Blank had called the police, and patrols will be increased. The neighbor suggested that signs be posted in Rec Center parking lots informing people when the parking lot is closed. Ted Blank will contact Parks and Rec customer service about posting a sign. Pete will also bring this up to Parks and Rec staff at the next CRPAC meeting. 


A. Review/Amend/Approve Minutes and Financial Statements: 

Motion: Approve tonight's financial statements and minutes of the 7/16/2013 meeting (Moon-Michalski) Passed.

B. Staff Report: Ted Blank reported that the annual neighborhood cleanup is scheduled for Sept. 21 at the Fairgrounds. We need to provide 30 volunteers. There are two shifts. Ted will put an announcement to recruit volunteers in the weekly e-blast. Ted is in need of a volunteer graphic designer. Julie Tholen volunteered to help with graphic design. The Wilder Foundation hosts a series of workshops on community leadership and has reserved space for district councils. Police have made a major arrest of a car-break-in ring, and car break-ins at Como Park have dropped dramatically. However, bike theft from open garages has seen a recent uptick. 

C. Community Garden ad-hoc Committee:  MNDOT and the City of St. Paul have identified the vacant right of way ramp from Como to Snelling Ave. northbound as a suitable site for a community garden. Agreements between MNDOT and the City need to be reviewed and approved; rules and regulations for garden users need to be drafted and approved; a garden management structure needs to be created; gardeners need to be made aware of the program; the site needs to be maintained; and problems need to be addressed.  It is the goal to have the community garden open for the 2014 season. District 10 would hold the permit. District 10 bears legal and financial risk for activities and incidents at the garden site. It is important that plans and rules be drafted to prudently manage risk to District 10; avoid financial loss; ensure compliance with garden permit conditions; and allow as many interested community members as possible the opportunity to enjoy the garden. We need to recruit a chair and committee members. According to our Bylaws, the chair of an ad hoc committee does not need to be a board member.

Motion: Approve creation of Community Garden Management ad hoc Committee, reporting to the Executive Committee, and endorse the Guiding Principles for Community Gardens in District 10. (Harkness-Michalski) Passed.

D. Committee Updates:

a. Land Use: Kim Moon reported on the presentation from O'Reilly Auto Parts at the last Land Use meeting. We do not know when O’Reilly is on the agenda of BZA.

Motion: Approve a letter of support for O'Reilly Auto Parts to rezone part of the former Patrick's Bar site from parking to commercial with the following conditions: the current fence is replaced with a fence of the same style and color as the fence installed by the City of St. Paul at the end of Huron Ave. next to this property; landscaping be installed outside the fence; a public sidewalk is installed along Larpenteur Ave.; and any exterior lighting will have shields installed to keep light from shining into nearby residential properties. We also support O'Reilly's proposal to maintain the Larpenteur Ave. curb cut at 30 feet from 24 feet called for by City code. (Moon-Eyre) Passed.

Kim will send a letter clarifying our continued opposition to the proposed electronic sign at Como Elementary. Kim attended the recent Parks and Rec open house and said it was an interesting meeting. The next Land Use meeting in on Tuesday, 9/3, instead of Monday, 9/2, because of Labor Day.

b. District Plan ad hoc Committee: Chris Harkness reported that there is a meeting on Sept. 9th to gather public input on parks. It will be held at North Dale. Representatives from Parks and Rec plan to be present. Our intern, Theo Woehrle, has moved to Duluth and is no longer working for us. 

c. Neighborhood Relations and Safety: Mary Michalski reported on the planning of the Pancake Breakfast on Oct. 26th. They are discussing a costume contest and a silent auction. They are looking for donations for the silent auction. We discussed ways to increase the numbers of tickets sold in order to raise more money. Jon suggested we have the tickets available for September's board meeting and try to have a good idea of the number sold a week or two in advance in order to have enough product on hand. 

d. Environment Committee: Dana Saeger reported that July minutes are in the board packet. The committee is meeting tomorrow night. Dana indicated that the September meeting be a planning meeting for next year.

e. Executive Committee: Jon Knox reported that information on the ad hoc Community Garden Committee has already been covered at tonight’s meeting. 

f. Boundary Change ad hoc Committee: Three members of the committee were present. Co-chair Pete Bolstad distributed maps of alternate proposals for sub-districts and demographic profiles of the proposed sub-districts. Guiding principles included keeping the number of sub-districts small and equalizing the population among sub-districts. The committee has chosen a four sub-district model. Current board members are not affected by any proposed changes. There will not be special board seats for businesses or institutions.  A public meeting is planned for September 25th. They hope to have a special election in December in order to elect interim board members for the new sub-district. The regular election will occur in April with one term of one year and one term of two years. Bylaws changes will be necessary, but should be minimal. One addition may be to review sub-district boundaries every 10 years to determine if the populations are still equivalent or if boundaries need to be re-drawn. 

g. Como Regional Park Advisory Committee (CRPAC): Pete Bolstad reported that there will be a meeting on September 10th. Meetings are held quarterly.

VI. Adjourn: Motion to adjourn was made at 8:36 p.m. (Moon-Bolstad)

Respectfully submitted by Linda R. Hinderscheit, Secretary

These minutes were approved on 9/17/2013. 

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