Minutes- 11/2/11
Thursday, November 17, 2011 9:55 AM

District 10 – Como Community Council
Executive Committee Meeting
Historic Streetcar Station
Wednesday, November 2, 2011
Meeting Minutes
Committee members present: Jon Knox (chair), Panod Klongtuatroke (vice chair), Penny Spence (Treasurer)
Staff present: Jessie Bronk (late because of a safety meeting)
Others present: Linda Hinderscheit
I.               Call to Order 7:10 PM
II.             Approve Agenda
III.           Land Use Follow up on ADA Parking Spot Meeting
a.     Linda briefed the EC about the Land Use meeting. Land Use unanimously approved the handicapped petitioner’s action. Elisabeth Stiffler was present at the meeting.
IV.           Open Seats Elections
a.     Secretary and a Sub 2 position is open. Linda has expressed interest in the Secretary position and had questions about the meeting.
V.             Pancake Breakfast Follow up
a.     Penny is no longer able to be the District 10 representative for Job Corps; a new representative will need to be found.
                                               i.     182 patrons were served and $411 profit; highest profit margin in 3 years. A small portion of the profit will be used for the board retreat.
                                               ii.     Penny is requesting feedback about this year’s event.
VI.           Board Retreat
a.     Gabe’s By The Park will be this year’s retreat held on Wednesday, November 9, 2011 at 7 PM.
b.     The EC preliminary approves the budget to not exceed $150.
VII.         COPP grants
a.     Jessie will email Ward 4 & 5 soon to inquire about the deadlines and proposal requirements for 2012 COPP grant funding.
VIII.       Committee structure
a.     Discussion on combining committees to increase board support and participation. Possible combinations: Communications with Fundraising, and Neighborhood Relations with Safety.
b.     Executive Committee will submit a board action item at the November board meeting.
IX.           Quarterly newsletter
a.     Joan Brandwein will no longer be organizing the quarterly newsletter. We are thankful for her hard work over the last year.
b.     Katie Bruhn, who currently works to get the newsletter to print, has volunteer to take over the role of organizing the newsletter. We will need to find a board member of volunteer to fulfill Bruhn’s current duties. 
X.             Holiday schedule
a.     Jessie received approval to take the day after Thanksgiving off. She will work the previous Sunday shift to make up the hours, instead of taking a vacation day.
XI.           Staff Report
a.     Jessie reported on a small area plan meeting, neighborhood watch meeting, district council staff retreat and a crime prevention workshop.
XII.         Miscellaneous
a.     Copier Lease: We have a 5-year lease on our copier, and we still have 3 years to pay on it. We are exceeding our copy counts and are being charged high fees. Jessie needs to monitor counts in the future, and print in black and white. Penny would like a Council policy that requires the board chair and/or Executive Committee to review and sign future leases and agreements, and does not allow staff to sign. The Executive Committee agrees that this lease should not be renewed, and the Council should look in to other options when the time comes.  
b.     Insurance Options: Penny will review other insurance options and prices, including a new option offered through the Minnesota Council of Nonprofits.
XIII.       Adjourn 9:00 PM
Respectfully submitted by Jessie Bronk

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