Minutes- 12/19/12
Tuesday, January 15, 2013 8:10 PM

District 10 Environment Committee
Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Attendees: Val Cunningham, Sharon Shinomiya, Curt Stock, Dana Saeger, Ted Benson, Jessica Currier, Susan Jane Cheney

Committee Chair Curt Stock called the meeting to order at 7:05 p.m. Attendees introduced themselves.

Minutes from the November meeting were approved.

Tree planting thank you
Curt circulated a copy of the letter he drafted to extend Environment Committee thanks to Friends of St. Paul and Ramsey County Parks and Trails for their annual tree planting program, which so greatly benefits Como Park. The letter was approved, and Jessica will send it out on District stationery.

2013 Lecture Series planning
1. Dates were set for the three programs:
• “Como Lake: Past, Present, and Future” on Sunday, 2/17;
• trolley talk on Sunday, 3/24;
• “Creative Gardening for Urban Spaces” on 4/14.
• All will take place from 2:00 to 3:30 p.m.
2. Program venues were discussed:
• Curt will check on North Dale Rec Center for February;
• Jessie will check with City staff about using the Streetcar Station in March;
• Susan Jane will contact St. Tim’s Lutheran Church regarding the April presentation.
3. Programs:
• Como Lake: Curt will check with Mike MacDonald regarding Capitol Region Watershed (CRWD) participation, and Susan Jane will contact St. Paul Environmental Services and Janna Caywood (representing Como Lake Neighborhood Network – CLNN).
• Jessica will continue her efforts to make trolley contacts, possibly including someone from St. Paul Parks & Recreation regarding planned renovations to the old Streetcar Bridge and Metro Transit regarding how the light rail will interface with the District 10 neighborhood.
• Dana suggested the Streetcar Club in Minneapolis, and he will make that contact.
• Curt will consult with Chris Harkness about the gardening panel.
4. Publicity:
• Jessica noted that the Monitor’s February deadline falls too late for an announcement concerning the February talk, but the entire Series, especially highlighting the February event, might be publicized with an article in the District’s regular column in the January issue of the Monitor.
• Sharon volunteered to prepare flyers for each of the talks for posting.
5. Other points:
• Given time constraints, Curt suggested e-mail contact within two weeks regarding progress in planning.
• A suggestion was made to have a brief transportation survey regarding the neighborhood available in February.

Como Woodland Outdoor Classroom (CWOC)
Environment Committee liaison to the Como Woodland Advisory Committee (CWAC), Susan Jane Cheney reported on the most recent meeting, held on December 17th:
1. In early to mid-January, the City will send out a Request for Proposals (RFP) regarding researching and writing the two-part (cultural and natural history) guidebook to the CWOC, for which a $7000 Minnesota Historical & Cultural Heritage grant has been obtained by St. Paul Parks and Recreation staff.
2. A new environmental science program being implemented at Murray Junior High, which will utilize the CWOC, was discussed.
3. 2012 accomplishments were reviewed: installation of trails in the Woodland; continued removal of invasives and new plantings; acquisition of the Minnesota Historical Society grant for the Woodland guidebook.
4. Goals for 2013 were discussed: continuation of planting in the Woodland; generation of more publicity about the Woodland, such as Bugle and Monitor articles (possibly including interviews of City staff and CWAC members by Great River Montessori students) and possible inclusion as a topic for the 2014 District 10 Environment Committee’s public lecture series; and assistance with development of the MHS-funded handbook/field guide. Potential grants and geocaching in the Woodland were also discussed.
The next bimonthly meeting of CWAC will take place in February.
For more information about the CWOC, check their website: www.comowoodland.org.

Capitol Region Watershed District (CRWD)
No report this time.
For more information about the CRWD, check the website: www.capitolregionwd.org.

New business
Curt noted that Val Cunningham will be receiving a St. Paul Neighborhood Honor Roll award at the Awards Event on January 25th.

The meeting adjourned at about 8:00 p.m.
[Meeting summary prepared by Susan Jane Cheney]

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