Minutes- 2/21/11

District 10 Neighborhood Safety Committee Meeting
Street Car Station
February 28, 2011 7:00 pm
I.  Attendance:   Staff: Jessica Bronk, Josh Witte   Chair: Dolores Rufenacht
Absent: Pete Bolstad   Others in attendance: Nicole Waxmonsky (Bike Safety Trainer)  
II Reviewed and approved January 24 minutes                                                               
III. We shared ideas for upcoming spring Bike Safety Rodeo:
Dolores had two Bike rodeo curriculums she found on-line and Nicole shared a curriculum she had and ideas for planning the rodeo to cover all the safety areas she teaches as a trainer.  We picked a Saturday, April 30 for the date and will check with North Dale Rec. Center for our first choice of location or NW Como and HHH Job Corp Center as our 2nd and 3rd choices. We were thinking about starting at 8:00 to set up stations, 9:00 resource tables and 9:30 -11:30 have rodeo stations begin. We discussed a work plan and number of stations we would need. We decided we needed about 20 or more volunteers will be needed to supervise or lead each station. We discussed resource tables and who could possibly do bicycle and helmet checks.
IV. Action Items
1. Nicole will contact the Selby Bike Depot, Bicycle Alliance and/or Twin city Bicycle club to find members who live in the Como Area or close to us that may be available to bring resource information or volunteer to help with stations. .
2. Dolores will contact N. Dale Rec. Center and other locations if needed and find out if they would be able to host the event and have at least 5-6 tables available and if we can use the gym in case of rain. She will contact the local Boy Scout Troop’s, and churches for volunteers. She will contact the SPPD Bike patrol to see if they can attend. She will apply for a street barricade permits by March 30.
3. We will ask Pete Bolstad to contact residents on Cottage between Dale and Grotto and the smaller North/South cross street between Dale and Grotto to get signed approval for barricades for the 2 hour event before March 28. ( As of 3/18 plans of streets to use have changed so this item will need correcting)
4. Jessica will e-blast the block clubs and put information about the rodeo in the upcoming e-mail newsletters and include a plea for neighborhood volunteers.
5. Jessica and Dolores and Josh will work together on advertisement preparation and output thru the Bugle and Monitor Community news sections and with posters/flyers at local schools, churches and businesses.
We wrote up a time line for planning the event and plan to meet again to just plan rodeo on Friday, March 18, tentively at 9:00 am until 11:00 at the Dist. 10 Office. This is the time that was best for Jessica, Nicole. Dolores will be able to attend and we will inform others who may be interested in helping to plan at this beginning level.
We discussed type of Bike safety hand out materials and other items we could possible give children and parents who attend and who we could contact for donations for some of these items. Dolores and Jessica will check with local businesses, SPPD Lee Haligen and Russ Stark for items and other contact ideas for donations.
V. Crime report update: Jessica reported February 1-18 had a low number of crimes report compared to other months but the report included 2 motor vehicle thefts, 10 theft from auto, 2 criminal damage to property, 1 forced entry burglary, at night, of a commercial residents 2/6/11,  All of January had a high number of crimes for that time of year with 4 non forced entry burglaries to residences, 2 forced entry burglaries to residences,  1 attempted rape at Energy Park Drive and Lexington, 24 theft from Auto, 7 other theft, 1 weapons discharge, 1 Narcotics call-gone on arrival and 1 aggravated assault Corner of Como Ave. and Snelling Ave.
Dolores will make copies of SPPD Crime reports from January - March for next Block Club/NSC meeting and March 15th Dist. 10 meeting for viewing for those in attendance.
Plans have been made for Pam McCleary or someone else from the SP Police Dept. to speak at next NSC
on March 28 to discuss crime prevention tips during spring and summers normal increase in crime.
VI. Next months meeting plans and/or agenda items: We will hold our Quarterly Block Club meeting March 28, but will start that meeting at 6:30 with a Crime prevention speaker from the SPPD to follow at 7:00 pm and the NSC meeting to follow the speaker at 7:45 or 8:00 PM. We will discuss: Crime prevention tips, Bike Safety Rodeo event plans, Crime reports from January – March, 2011, NNO plans, future meeting ideas.
VII. Dolores finished reviewing the 2010 work plan and updated the information for the 2011 Crime Prevention Work Plan for Dist. 10 to send to the city. It has been turned into the Executive Board for review and to be edited and sent on to the city with the District 10 Citizen participation Work Plan for 2011.
VII. The NSC meeting was adjourned at 8:30 pm   
Minutes were submitted by Dolores Rufenacht (NSC Chair)

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