Minutes- 4/25/11

District 10 Neighborhood Safety Committee

Monday, April 25, 2011


Attendees: Pete Bolstad, Jessie Bronk (District 10 Community Organizer), Dolores Rufenacht (Safety Committee Chair)


Committee Chair Dolores Rufenacht called the meeting to order at 7 PM


I.               Review of Agenda and Minutes:

Agreed to approve the agenda and minutes of March minutes.


II.              Chair Report:

Bike Rodeo: Dolores reported contacting all of the churches by e-mail (Thursday-Friday (4/21-4/22).  On Thursday, 4/21 Jessie dropped off flyers to Chelsea Heights and Como Park.  Dolores is still waiting to distribute to Maternity of Mary.  Flyers were distributed to North Dale and NWC.  Jessie reported we have received 2 registrations thus far. Dolores reported we have eight volunteers at this time and two bike patrol officers.  Nicole Waxmonsky from the Bicycle Alliance will bring five stations for the rodeo.  Dolores asked Pete and Jessie to work the registration table.  The patrol officers will work at a table with giveaways and will do helmet checks. A representative from Bicycle Chain may also be present.  Black Bear Crossing will supply coffee dispenser and orange juice.  Pete will pick up materials from Black Bear Crossing.  (Dave Glass).  Dolores talked about the other options for food donations. 


III.            Staff Report:

April 19 Community Police Meeting: Jessie reported on home repair scams.  There has also been an increase in “on the street” theft.  In-car theft has decreased in Como neighborhood.  The Safety committee has been invited to NNO Kick-Off event.  One of the Apartment managers discussed possibility of “building clubs” rather than block clubs.  Jessie reported she asked about patrols for the Chatsworth burglaries.  Matt Toupal will continue to look to see if there are patterns.  District 10 can get comparisons for crime statistics between 2010 and 2011.  Western District  Crime coordinators would send out information to the victims and set up possible neighborhood watch meetings. 

Briefly discussed report of possible criminal activity in neighborhood.


Jessie sent out April newsletter for Block Club leaders.  Will try to test the pilot Google groups with a few people.  Jessie will also consider sending out crime statistics on regular basis.


IV.           Action Items:

Thank you letters: Dolores discussed plans for sending out thank you letters/thank you cards.  Dolores will develop a list of donations/supporters to be displayed at the rodeo.

Additional Bike Safety Rodeo:  Dolores will also bring a banner that can be displayed at the rodeo.  We will also see if we need signs for the individual stations. 


V.             New Items:

From 3/24 to 3/30 there were two theft from auto and two domestic assaults.  Jessie indicated that District 10 had the lowest report of incidents in the area.  We will have additional crime statistics update at next Safety committee meeting.  Dolores provided a reminder that there is a Staycation meeting tomorrow and she will report on that information at next Safety committee meeting.


Committee adjourned at 8:30 PM.



Respectfully submitted,




Pete Bolstad

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