Minutes- 4/26/12
Wednesday, July 25, 2012 10:25 AM

Neighborhood Relations & Safety Committee
April 26, 2012
Java Train

Members Present: Laurie Erickson, Ted Blank
Members Absent: Betsy Wehrwein
Staff Excused: Jessie Bronk

The meeting was called to order at 6pm and minutes from the March 2012 meeting were approved.

Committee members Blank and Erickson, Board member Kim Moon, Jessie Bronk and about a dozen District 10 residents met with Councilmember Russ Stark earlier in the day at the corner of Hamline and Nebraska Avenues to discuss pedestrian safety concerns at the crosswalk. Staff from St. Paul Public Works were also scheduled to attend, but did not. After witnessing several examples of motorists failing to yield to crossing pedestrians, including large groups of small children, the group discussed possible solutions, including:
• Stop sign
• Flashing lights, either permanent or triggered by the pedestrian
• Bumped out curb
Because Public Works staff were not present, it was impossible to understand their perspective on the problem and these solutions, but Stark promised to follow up with them and report back to District 10. The NRSC will continue to monitor this situation, and the Committee has requested that Jessie invite Public Works to a full Board meeting to discuss this topic, and traffic calming in general.

The Neighborhood Rummage Sale will be held on Saturday May 19. Approximately 50 garages have been registered for the event. After the Sale, a survey will be sent to participants gauging their satisfaction and soliciting feedback on alternative times of the year to hold the event.

The Committee will work with other D10 Committees to staff a D10 table at the Art Fair during Como Fest on Saturday July 21 from 9am – 3pm. The purpose will be to provide information about D10 programs and to recruit community volunteers for D10 committees and other activities. Another proposed initiative is a Facebook photo contest during the event. Jessie will check with the D10 intern to see if this can be accomplished with existing knowledge.

The Committee will be proposing a motion to the full D10 Board at the next meeting related to producing a Como Fest printed guide, with advertising support (see separate information).

The Committee discussed its workplan for 2012, and agreed that the following priority activities would be completed:
• Sustain and Improve the D10 Block Club Leader Program
o Recruit more leaders during Como Fest, National Night Out, and a personal campaign in June to recruit from the larger apartment complexes in D10
o Increase engagement by increasing attendance at the monthly and quarterly block club leader meetings
o Increase awareness and usage of the D10 welcome packet among block club leaders through targeted outreach in September
o Monitor ongoing crime and safety issues and respond as necessary
• Fully assess feasibility and structure of a Como Park Business Alliance by December, 2012
o Interview other District Councils who have business alliances (by August)
o Interview local business owners about their level of interest, reasons for participation, and desired services (by July)
o Create an interview guide (for review at May meeting)
• Conduct an ongoing resident needs assessment
o Investigate the possibility of partnering with D10 Adhoc Plan Committee (ASAP)
• Produce a Housing Forum in Fall, 2012
o Tentative date of Saturday, October 13 proposed
o Investigate feasibility of sponsorship

The meeting was adjourned at 7:30pm.

Minutes are not official until approved at next committee meeting.

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