Minutes - 4/2011
Friday, May 06, 2011 1:30 PM

District 10 – Como Community Council

Executive Committee Meeting

Historic Streetcar Station

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Meeting Minutes


Committee members present: Jon Knox (chair), Panod Klongtruatroke, Penny Spence

Staff present: Jessie Bronk


Excused: Marsha Milgrom


Others present: Chris Harkness, Betsy Wehrwein, Mike MacDonald




I.                  Call to Order at 7:03 p.m. by Jon Knox

       Move to approve agenda by Panod, seconded by Penny


II.                  2011 CIB update: Bus tour for reps was on April 2. Marsha submitted her rankings for CIB.


III.                  Environment Committee

A.     Rain Barrel Grant Application: Environment Committee chair, Mike MacDonald, filled out application from Capitol Region and needs board approval before submitting. Request is for $1200.00. If grant is approved, Capitol Region will pay half for rainbarrels. Mike MacDonald will write up an action item for the board.

B.     Electric Car Charging Stations: Jessie Bronk briefed on the charging stations. City is planning to install stations at the Como Lakeside Pavilion and Merrit from PED would like to give a presentation on the plans to D10. Jessie Bronk will give Merrit’s contact info to Mike MacDonald so she can be invited to attend the next Environment Meeting on April 20th.


IV.                  Land Use Committee

A.     Action Item regarding Adhoc for Small Area Plan: Chris Harkness is seeking from the board, permission to establish a steering committee for the West Como Midway Parkway neighborhood.  One board member and a Planning Commission member will co-chair the committee. Land Use will recruit committee members.

B.     Sound variance Midway Stadium- Chris announced that today at City Council, Councilmember Stark recommended approval for the sound variance at stadium for concerts over Memorial Weekend.  District 10 never received a notice about the variance.  The Land Use Committee thinks DSI should send us notifications on the stadium and not just District 12 as a courtesy.  Panod K. suggests Jessie Bronk contact District 12 to ask them to send us info on Midway Parkway when received.  Chair Jon Knox will talk to Councilmember Stark.  It was agreed that if we have something on our borders that may impinge on other districts, we should let them know as a courtesy.


V.                  Committee Assignments

A.     Board members Jody McCardle and Jack Roberts need to be assigned to Committees. Bylaws state that all board members must be active in a committee. Possible suggestions: Jodi- Safety Committee. Jack- Neighborhood Relations.



VI.                  Candidate Applications for Como Park Advisory Committee Rep:

A.     Biggest concern is making sure the selected candidate reports back to D10 on a regular basis. Discussion and review of 4 candidates - Deadline to apply is April 13. Jessie Bronk will send a follow up email with each candidate and ask if they have any conflicts of interest professionally and personally. 

B.     Process of picking a candidate will be a board vote only (secret ballot), not a community vote. Jessie Bronk will request board members to submit 2 questions to be asked of the candidates at the board meeting.


VII.                  Finance Fund Raising: Discussion of needs for alternate fund raising and forming a new finance



VIII.                  Staff Report (Jessie Bronk)

A.     Updates on block leader meeting, Staycation and Bike Rodeo.

B.     Current 990 Forms and grant agreements should be posted on web for full disclosure.

C.     Discussion of check card for Jessie Bronk to use for D10 purchases.  Committee agreed to opening a check card with a limit between $150.00-$250.00.  Transactions will be audited by Penny. Penny will look in to opening the card at our bank.

D.     Internship ideas for Job Corp: Jessie Bronk is looking for ideas for future intern at D10.  Possible projects: apartment outreach, gather information from D10 businesses. Jessie Bronk hopes to have an intern by summer, and will write a MOU and job description when an idea is in place.


IX.                  Neighborhood Relations

A.     State Fair: Jon Knox suggested Betsy Wehrwein (NRC chair) facilitate a meeting with State Fair representatives to build relationships and discuss this year’s fair and the impact on District 10.

B.     Betsy invited Kathy Korum to April NRC meeting to talk about transportation issues and has not heard back. Knox will get work to get a guest speaker for Betsy for next meeting on this issue.        


X.                  Miscellaneous From Group

A.     Discussion about revision of bylaws.  Amending and receiving input from board members. Possible mission statement revision?

B.     Staff Review Template: Survey will be passed out at 6 months, 1 year and every year following for a review of staff’s performance.


XI.                  Adjourn, 9:04 p.m.





Minutes submitted by Jessie Bronk

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