Minutes- 5/24/11

District 10 Neighborhood Safety Committee

Monday, May 24, 2011


Attendees: Pete Bolstad, Jessie Bronk (District 10 Community Organizer), Dolores Rufenacht (Safety Committee Chair), Panod Klongtruatroke


Committee Chair Dolores Rufenacht called the meeting to order at 7 PM


I.               Review of Agenda and Minutes:

Agreed to approve the agenda and minutes of April minutes.


II.              Chair Report:

--Dolores spoke with Black Bear Crossings and they would not supply tables. Dolores would like to start the bike tour at Black Bear. Dolores showed committee “Materials Distribution Request Form” completed for the Bike Rodeo.  She encouraged committee to file this form for future reference.

--Discussed expense report for barricades for Bike Rodeo.  The Safety Committee is recommending that  the Board President review the invoice so we can make a decision whether District 10 will challenge this invoice or ask to have it waived.  Panod recommended Safety Committee review possible expenses for future rodeos with the Executive Committee

--Jessie reported that all thank you cards have been sent for the Bicycle Rodeo.


III.            Staff Report:

Western District Police Meeting: Jessie noted she found out that the Commander and other Western District staff report to the Chief of Police regarding trends in the neighborhood.  Bicycle theft has been a popular and growing trend.  45 residential burglaries were reported in an unspecified 15 day period.  Copper scrapping also continues as an issue.  Theft from auto appears to be declining and Western District staff are trying to put extra resources towards this issue.  Staff also noted that crime appears down in comparison to the same time last year.  Jessie reported she thanked the police staff for providing two officers to the Bicycle Rodeo.   Jessie reported an e-mail regarding non-forced garage burglaries.  Western District staff reported there were nine forced entries and eleven non-forced entries in the neighborhood.  Pam McCreary reminded all about telling neighbors to remember to lock garages.


IV.           Action Items:

Bicycle Safety Rodeo: Dolores is proposing writing up a timeline for planning next year’s rodeo. Next year’s plans might include a possible rain date and discussions regarding holding the rodeo at two sites.  Dolores suggested that Como Park Elementary might be a possible location. Other possible sites could be at the Job Corps, Northwest Como and North Dale.  Jessie suggested that there could be a better plan regarding the timing of rodeo activities.  Committee also would suggest more activities for the police officers working the rodeo.  Dolores suggested asking attendees regarding their interest in District 10 news.  Panod also suggested handing out a satisfaction survey regarding the rodeo.

Staycation: Dolores suggested that at tomorrow’s (5/25) Staycation meeting that we find out more information regarding District 10’s responsibilities.  Jessie indicated that District 10 is responsible for advertisement for all activities (poster and web site) and planning the Bicycle Tour and creating maps for the Art Crawl, Garden Tour and Bicycle Tour.  Dolores also suggested District 10 can help submit articles for the Bugle and the Monitor.

Bicycle Tour: Reviewed last year’s map.  Panod indicated he could help with revising the map.  The committee talked about putting three questions for riders to answer during their participation on the tour (e.g Find one of the tree identification tags).  The committee also discussed whether we wanted to give out prizes.  Also discussed possible information for the information tables.     


V.             Next Meeting :

Thursday, June 2 at 4 PM.  The primary focus of the meeting will be planning for the Bicycle tour.  Since we did not discuss June’s Block Club Leader meeting tonight, we will review plans for the June 27 meeting.


Respectfully submitted,




Pete Bolstad

































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