Minutes- 6/2011
Thursday, June 23, 2011 2:20 PM

District 10 – Como Community Council
Executive Committee Meeting
Historic Streetcar Station
Wednesday, April 6, 2011
Meeting Minutes
Committee members present: Jon Knox (Chair), Panod Klongtuatroke (Vice-Chair), Penny Spence (Treasurer)
Staff Present: Jessie Bronk
Excused Absence: Marsha Migrom (Secretary) 
Others Present: Tim Weis, Owner of Gabe’s in the Park
I.               Call to order at 7:00
II.             Review, Amend, Approval of Agenda
III.           Gabe’s patio extension – Tim Weiss: Gabe’s is planning to add a 300 square foot extension to their current outdoor patio. The proposal is to extend the patio approximately 5-8 feet to the North, and 30 feet West to the flush end of his building. The extension will make room for 12-16 additional seats. No parking spots will be lost, and additional landscaping will also be added, including a retaining wall on East side of current patio. Gabe’s by the Park is asking that District 10 request to have the City waive the 45-day review period, so the business can take advantage of prime patio time this summer.
A. June board meeting: Weis is invited to present the information in the community section of our board meeting.
IV.           Electric Car Charging Station: Board voted via email on their preference for the station to be located in the North or South parking lot of the Como Lakeside Pavilion. 9 out of 15 board members voted, 6 in favor for South parking lot. Jessie will contact Merritt on Friday confirming that our preference is for the South lot.
V.             Lao Family Summer Sports Tournament: Discussion and a recap of the community meeting on May 31 regarding the Hmong Festival. Councilmembers Russ Stark & Lee Helgen were both present. Last year was the first year a resident could hear noise from the festival all the way from Lexington/Larpenteur. There was discussion at the community meeting how a possible adjustment of variance levels may correct this problem.
VI.           Land Use Update: Land Use will bring 2 action items to the June board meeting.
1)    Support of a requesting the City to convert an alley on Albany Avenue to a one-way, due to traffic and safety issues, as presented by resident who lives on the alley.
2)    Support of the Best Western in Bandana Square adding a bar and lounge to their facilities.
Land Use also sent a letter to the City in support of the renewal of a duplex.
VII.         NRC updates:
A.   Minnesota Street Rod Association: Jon has made a few phone calls to set up a meeting with no response from the organization.
B.    Future meeting at Fire Station 23: Jessie needs to contact District 11 & 12 to see if they are also interested in a community meeting at the firehouse.
C.    Committee assignment discussion: need for more board members on NRC.
VIII.       Environment Committee Updates:
A.   Rain Barrel Workshop update: 20 total participants, 10 spots remaining
B.    Kilmer Fireplace vandalism: the recently restored and rededicated fireplace was vandalized sometime between late night Tuesday, May 31 or early morning Wednesday, June 1. Police estimating around $10,000.00 in damage.
IX.          Staff Update:
A.   Garage sale feedback. A survey was sent out to all participants of the garage sale, and the feedback was very positive. Results will be gathered and shared at the June board meeting.
B.    Staycation poster expense: Printing of the Staycation poster will cost $42.60 for each sponsor. District 10 will act as fiscal agent for the event.
a.     Penny Spence would like to see a financial/fundraising committee started to help us diversify our flow of income and to ensure our budget needs are met.
C.    Metro Council meeting: Jessie met with Jon Commers on Metro Council, who is interested in connecting with the district councils and building relationships. He will possibly be available to make a presentation at the August board meeting.
D.   Semi-annual grant review: Beth Ulrich will be sending a reminder for district councils to submit their semi-annual grant reviews at the end of June or beginning of July. The review needs to be a 1-2 page informal summary. Jessie will search the computer files to find last year’s review for reference.
E.    May grant reimbursement was submitted.
F.    Future internship: Jessie still has this on her priority list, but has not had an opportunity to develop the goals/functions of an intern yet. The committee confirmed that this is not an immediate priority. 
X.            Sholom Home Update: The Sholom Home East site was possibly sold.
XI.          Misc.
A.   Treasurer update: Penny Spence has created a credit card policy, which was briefly reviewed. She will bring the policy and our 2010 990 form to the board meeting for review, and will send the credit card policy over email to all board members when it is completed. She is also working on getting the $20.00 direct deposit fee waived by Park Midway Bank, and is investigating other banking institutions.
B.    July board meeting. Jessie needs to talk with Patty at the North Dale Rec Center to confirm that our July board meeting location.
C.    Mark Erickson, a resident concerned about peddlers and vendors on Midway Parkway during the State Fair, will be attending the June board meeting.
XII.        Meeting adjourned at 9:00 p.m.
Respectfully Submitted by Jessie Bronk

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