Minutes- 6/27/11

District 10 Neighborhood Safety Committee Meeting
Street Car Station
June 25, 2011 7:00 pm
Draft un-approved - Minutes
Agenda Items

I. Attendance:   Staff: Jessica Bronk, Chair: Dolores Rufenacht, Panad Klongtruatroke,
Joe Pearson (resident), Absent: Pete Bolstad (out of town)
II. Reviewed and approved last months NSC minutes                                                               
III. Chair Report: Dolores Rufenacht
A. NNO kick off: Dolores reported that Jessica and her attended the City Wide NNO kick off party June 8 at the Phalen Lake Side Picnic Pavilion. Pam McCleary SPPD Crime Prevention Coordinator said she felt they had a good turn out in comparison to last year. Prizes were given away collected by all of the District Councils and Police Dept. District 10’s contribution was a Gift certificate from Mac’s Fish and Chips and Small items from Walgreen’s Pharmacy ( Calendars, reusable shopping bags, school note books, 2 bags of candy, and stickers)
B. Bike tour update: Dolores reported on there will be three resource tables for the July 17 bike tour.
Sibley Bike Depot will be sending at least 2 volunteers to check helmets, do safety checks and demonstrate simple bike repairs. St. Paul Smart Trip will send 1 representative to supply regional bike maps and safety information. Twin City Bike Club has a Como/Roseville branch now that meets at Coffee grounds and is sending 1-2 representatives. She has contacted all the local churches, by e-mail asking for them to support the Stacation and Bike tour by posting flyers (sent as an attachment) on their community bulletin boards and if possible include the information or a flyer in the July 9/10 church bulletin passed out at services or sent by e-mail to members. At the last staycation meeting posters and flyers and a list of stores, libraries etc was divided among the sponsors to post by July 1.
Pete told Dolores he was going to be out of town until July 7 but would finish working on the scavenger hunt questions and bike tour map with Panad when her returned.
IV. Staff Report: Jessica Bronk
A. June 21 Police Meeting: Jessica attended the meeting and reported that auto theft and theft from auto continue to be the most reported crimes city wide. City wide burglaries are up a little from last year but most of them are not forced entry. The police department has put articles in the local and Pioneers Press newspapers stressing to lock doors on houses, garages, vehicles and not leave valuables in site.
B. Block Club Meeting: Jessica reported that the meeting went well. The Block Club Google Group implemented June 1, 2011 and all 74 leaders were automatically signed up. The Google group has been used for sharing crime statistics, safety updates or information that specifically applies to crime prevention or as their role as a block club leader.  The block club leaders requested that they meet a different night than the Neighborhood Safety Committee so they did not feel there was a time constraint on how long they met. Jessica had a list of several questions for open discussion that she will report on in her Block Club leader Minutes to be included in this board packet.
V.   Action Items
A. Staycation D-10 resource tables: Chris Harkness volunteered to staff  theD-10 table July 15,
 Jody McArdle will help July 16, Dolores will help with set up and take down of table both days.
B. Bike tour: Panad and Pete will finish plans for scavenger hunt questions and make the map for the bike tour and include website for Historic walking tour of Como Park
C. Advertising has been assigned and will be carried out in the next 2 weeks.
D. NNO: Information is being sent by e-mail to residents via our D-10 newsletter, block club Google group and was passed out at the Block Club leader meeting. Dolores and Jessica will put together the NNO party bags of prizes etc. July 26 and distribute them to NNO party leaders before July 29
E. We will be asking residents and block club leaders via our D-10 e-new and BL Google group what subjects they would like to hear more information regarding crime and safety and bring speaker in for future meetings this fall.
Minutes were submitted by Dolores Rufenacht (NSC Chair)

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