Minutes- 9/8/11
Monday, October 17, 2011 12:50 PM

District 10 – Como Community Council

Executive Committee Meeting

Historic Streetcar Station

Thursday, September 8, 2011


Meeting Minutes


Committee members present: Jon Knox (chair), Panod Klongtuatroke (vice chair), Marsha Milgrom (Secretary)


Staff present: Jessie Bronk


Excused Absence: Penny Spence (Treasurer)




I.            Call to order at 7:05 PM


II.          Agenda approved


III.        State Fair Feedback: Cars parked in the permit parking areas during the fair were tagged. Also, a group of neighbors near Snelling are concerned about the parking at HHH Job Corps and have made recommendations for several years on how to possibly decrease the amount of traffic and backup on Snelling, but have not had a response from Job Corps.  Jessie will discuss the issue with Cate Smith Edlund to see if she has any insight on the matter. Other issues include some residents wanting to petition for a 4-way stop sign Canfield and Arona. Jessie will contact Elizabeth Stiffler at the City about the requirements for doing so.  


IV.         MGM/Walgreens Status:  Jessie attended the Land Use meeting on Monday, August 29 regarding MGM/Walgreens. About 30 people were in attendance, including John Kohler (architect from Semper Development) and representatives from MGM. A recap of the meeting was posted online at http://www.district10comopark.org/community_offers_feedback_about_walgreens_latest_design_proposal.html


V.          MCN Membership Renewal: Jessie received an email that it is time to renew our Minnesota Council of Nonprofits membership. Cost for yearly renewal is $50.00. Jessie has permission to pay this item.


VI.        Block Leader Development: Jessie is working with block leader, Janna Caywood to develop and define clear goals and strategies for the block leader program.  Jessie and Janna are in the beginning stages of evaluating the current program and materials, defining an ideal program and setting goals. They plan to have an outline of this information to share with other leaders at the next block leader meeting on Monday, September 26.


VII.      Outreach to minority populations: District 10 needs to continue to work on outreach to underrepresented populations in our neighborhood.  Inclusive involvement was a goal we set for our City grants for 2011. The Neighborhood Safety Committee has talked about holding a forum for seniors to talk about senior safety. Another possible forum idea would be a discussion on renter’s rights and responsibilities. Continuing block leader development and promoting building clubs is also a goal to help reach out to renters. Lastly, our Como Park Business Outreach Project proposal for the Neighborhood Revitalization Project through the U of M, is a great step towards reaching out to Energy Park businesses.


VIII.     Neighborhood Revitalization Project:  Our Neighborhood Revitalization Project proposal, “Como Park Business Outreach Project” was submitted to the U of M. Jessie Bronk, Jody McCardle and Dolores Rufenacht met in early September to work on the final copy of the proposal. It was decided to keep the proposal focused on just business outreach, and not include resident outreach at this time since this allows us to better define our project goals and direction. Jessie submitted the proposal via email prior to the deadline and Ted Blank will be presenting the proposal at the U of M campus on September 14th to the Neighborhood Revitalization Strategies and Theories class. The class will pick the projects of their choosing on September 19.


IX.        October Elections:  No applications have been submitted yet for the upcoming election. 7 positions are up for re-election, including, Jon Knox (chair), Marsha Milgrom (secretary), Mike MacDonald (subidstrict 1), Pete Bolstad (subdistrict 2), vacant position (subdistrict 3), Ted Blank (at-large), Dolores Rufenacht (at-large). Jessie submitted an article to the Park Bugle and the Monitor about the elections and will continue to promote through our email, e-newsletter, block leaders and Facebook.


X.          Pancake Breakfast:  Penny Spence and Jessie Bronk met with Cate Smith Edlund at the HHH Job Corps in August to discuss the 3rd Annual Pancake Breakfast.  The breakfast is set for Saturday, October 29.  Goals for this year include more promotion and a higher pre-sale of the tickets.  Jessie sent previous years’ templates for tickets and posters to Penny, so that she can update with 2011 information and have tickets ready to pass out to board members at the September board meeting.


XI.        Best Practices – Marsha:  Marsha will work on writing some quick notes on best practices before new board members are elected. “Best practices” include suggestions for posting and filing minutes. Panod suggests we post a recap of important issues or topics that are discussed at a board or committee meeting to give the community an opportunity to receive a quick update before the draft minutes are published. Also, the Executive Committee agreed that board packets do not need to be posted on the web, but agendas for board meetings should be made available online and through the e-newsletter prior to the meeting.  


XII.      Staff Report:

a.    League of Women’s Voters: The League wants to partner with us on a candidate forum for school board and city council races. The forum would be held in October and District 10 would be responsible for promoting the event and helping to find a suitable location. The League would also promote and send invitations, as well as provide a facilitator for the forum. The Executive Committee agrees that this sounds like a nice opportunity to provide outreach and information to the neighborhood. Before the board makes a decision, Jessie will find out more information, including the League’s methods for promotion, length of forum, style of the forum and the number of candidates.

b.   Electric Car Charging Stations: The City is interested in installing a second charging station in the neighborhood near McMurray Fields, and would like District 10’s support before moving forward.  A full board decision will be made at the September board meeting, and Jessie will invite community members  (through e-newsletter and website) to attend the meeting and discuss the charging stations. 

c.    Como Zoo Shuttle: It was recommended that we write a thank you letter to Parks and Recreation for keeping the shuttle running during the fair.  Jon will follow up on this. 


XIII.      Staff Review: Panod will work on preparing the board’s evaluation of Jessie’s performance and first six months as staff.  

XIV.      Miscellaneous: Jon will work to reach out to Parks and Recreation about safety concerns at the streetcar station parking lot and possible options to mitigate any future problems.


XV.       Adjourn at 9:00 pm


Submitted by Jessie Bronk

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