Minutes - 01/2013
Monday, February 25, 2013 8:40 PM


Neighborhood Relations & Safety Committee


January 10, 2013

Historic Streetcar Station


Members Present: Ted Blank, Laurie Erickson, Mary Michalski, Pete Bolstad

Members Excused: Dolores Rufenacht, Jackie Gulbranson

Staff Present: Jessie Currier

Community member present: Bill Sylvester


The meeting was called to order at 6:10pm.  Minutes from December meeting were approved. 

Mary and Jackie have volunteered to co-chair the committee.  Ted will make recommendation at next board meeting.  


Merger with District Operations Committee was agreed to by committee. 

Action Item: Mary to combine charters into one document for review at next Board Meeting.


Hamline/Nebraska Pedestrian Safety: 

STAR grant meeting at 8:00 am on 2/13 – Ted to attend

Our application for funds for the bump outs at Hamline/Nebraska will be reviewed at this meeting. 

CIB proposals – D10 will support the Chelsea Heights playground proposal 


D10 has a net of $372 to date from fund raising letter

Ideas for generating more interest:

Email reminders to distribution list on Give to the Max day

Safety fair – donate and get a bike helmet

Friends of District 10: Create an initial list from current donors, weekly update, and quarterly newsletter.  Two businesses donated – actively go after more. 

Road show idea:  a way to make the larger businesses aware of D10 and why it is important to the community. 

Include donor list in annual report


Meeting at North Dale on January 17th organized by a block leader. There is a need to keep watch on how many of these are scheduled as a very similar meeting was recently held.  

Quarterly newsletter topics:

Crime prevention orientated safety tips 

Bike safety tips

Heat / sun protection tips


Committees 2013 Areas of Focus: (note that Comofest was added to list at this meeting) 

Crosswalk Safety:

Identify bad ones in neighborhood; Jessie has list from CIB info and will send to committee members 

Idea for a pedestrian safe zone in middle for more dangerous areas – committee members should start creating their own lists.  Advertise for community input at May meeting. 

Safety Fairs:

April for bike safety

Target Fall for fire and pet safety 

Home Tour:

Not feasible to be part of larger Msp/St Paul home tour this year.  Target to be a node in 2014. 

Potential for mini tour to be included with the Garden Tour the Saturday of Comofest.  Action Item: Ted to ask Environment committee if interested in sharing. 

Meet the Board Members Event: 

Target to include in summer events

Playground opening


Pancake breakfast

North Dale Picnic

New pool ?? 

Business Outreach:

Goal to get more business involvement

Plan a meeting where we invite local business – coordinate with Land Use and Adhoc Committees is interested.  Target for some time in 2nd quarter. 


Planning meeting scheduled for January 23rd 


The meeting was adjourned at 8:10 pm

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