Minutes - 8/2009
Tuesday, September 8, 2009 10:40 PM


Neighborhood Relations Committee

August 13, 2009

Street Car Station

1224 Lexington Pkwy

Saint Paul, MN 55103

7:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.




MEMBERS PRESENT:  Chris Martineau, Michelle Furrer, Pete Bolstad, Chai Insook, Dennis O’Rourke.


D10 RESIDENT PRESENT:  John Marino, Val Cunningham, Dayne Thomas, Sarah LaRoche, Shawne Rogers, Lee Veiman, Dean Schafer, Camille Schafer, Panod Klongtruatrude, Lori Klongtruatrude, Steve Tinnegan, Rhonda DeBough, Molly O’Rourke, Sally Worku, Marcy Micek, Dave Micek, Chris Harkness.


CITY OF SAINT PAUL PUBLIC WORKS PRESENT:  Elizabeth Stiffler, Paul St. Martin.


At the start of the meeting, there was a brief discussion as to how the parking permit movement got started with neighbors in the neighborhood west of Como Park as perceived by some of the residents of Hamline and Midway Parkway.  It was expressed by some neighbors that they can no longer use their homes, front lawns, etc in ways they could have in the past.  It was further noted that a petition permit parking has been filed with the Department of Public Works that is looking to cover (please fill in this area/streets included in the plan).  It should be noted that this plan has not been presented to D10 and has not asked for D10s approval.  As such, D10 has taken no official position on this proposed plan.


From there, Ms. Elizabeth Stiffler and Mr. Paul St. Martin, both from the City of Saint Paul Public Works, discussed the typical process of obtaining parking permits in a residential neighborhood.  First residents who have an interest in it submit a petition to start the process.  From there, Public works will go out into the petitioning neighborhood to perform a parking study.  Public Works will look at the petition, make changes/recommendations and present it to the district council.  Public Works would like the council’s input into its recommendations before giving its final report to the City Council, who ultimately gives the ok or disproval of the petition for permit parking. If permit parking is implemented, the City will staff the enforcement officer.  



With respect to the information gathering study conducted by Public Works, it goes out to the petitioned area, and the areas adjacent to it, in an effort to try and determine how many cars are parked in the area, what the area’s capacity is, and to measure the changes from busy to non-busy times.  Gathering the information helps also to establish the scopes of the permits.


Public Works has already been gathering parking information within the D10 area that sits west of Como Park.  The actual results will be discussed at the community meeting sponsored by neighborhood relations committee on September 24, 2009 at the Street Car Station.  This meeting will discuss the shuttle and time will be allotted to discuss this study as well.  Preliminary data noted there to be about 400 parking spots on the streets.  In some of the data gathered, there were 100 cars parked in the spots from the sampled area in the morning.  On one Friday afternoon there appeared to be about 85 more cars on the street.  The closer one got to the park, the more concentrated the parking.  These numbers also reflected those that may be illegally parked as well.


In the last D10 meeting, there was some confusion on whether or not Public Works would be performing a second type of study in the D10 area west of Como Park.  Public Works was looking for D10 support, but members of the Neighborhood Relations Committee thought that Public Works was going to implement the study (myself included – chris martineau), thus neighbors were not solicited for their opinion or support and no action item was brought to D10 board members for resolution.  


Mr. St. Martin explained that this is not the normal process that is performed, but based on experience, and to get a better perspective on the effects permit parking will have on those areas that may not be included in the permit parking, it may be a good idea to perform some sort of mock parking permit study.  There may be two ways to go about the process, one being to do no parking completely over a period of time.  The other is to have some sort of permit parking for residents and then monitor the effects.  In addition, the study would need to be done before the shuttle stops running (end of September) and when the kids would still be out of school.  Further complicating things is the state fair that takes place in the next couple of weeks.


Concerns were raised about given true notice to visitors of the study weekend.  Concern was also raised about neighbors parking when they are not supposed to and getting ticketed.  Ultimately, given the D10 process and the time constraints, no study appeared to be feasible for this year.  


Mr. St. Martin indicated that given the petition already filed, that petition will continue to go forward.  If permit parking is permitted in the petitioned there will not be a need for the study next year as it will be in place.


Out of this meeting, it was determined that Public Works will come to the September 24, 2009 meeting to discuss its findings from the study.  It will then put forth its recommendations with respect to the permit parking petition submitted.  Public Works can recommend additional streets, reduction in streets, etc.  Ultimately, from this recommendation, the Neighborhood Relations Committee at its October meeting will ask for the D10 residents to come and weigh in on the recommendations put forth by Public Works.  At that meeting, it is the intention of this committee to have an unofficial vote on the recommended plan after discussion.  From that meeting, an action item will be brought to D10 council members at the October D10 meeting to approve or disprove the recommendations.  D10’s position at that point will be submitted to the City Council so it can make its decision on the petition that has been presented.




















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