Minutes - 6/16/2010
Sunday, September 19, 2010 9:50 AM

Minutes for the June 16, 2010 District 10 Environment Committee:


Attending: Mike MacDonald, Chet Mirocha, Susan Jane Cheney, Betti Iwanski, Bob Hale,

                   Val Cunningham


1. Minutes from May meeting were approved.

2. Chet reported on his annual Tree Trek: 6 to 8 attended, he led the group for about an hour and half, everyone enjoyed it. Chet and Mike are going to work on pinpointing the GPS locations for the trees on the trek, then they can be tagged with signs, and possibly a self-led trek can be posted on the web site.

    Val reported on the first annual Tree Recognition Program event: about 20-22 people showed up for the ceremony at the Historic Streetcar station on the morning of June 12,

there were 23 free trees to be given away and most found homes. The three honorees in the first year of the program—the Kafkas, Paul Wilberg and Dennis and Molly O’Rourke, attended and received official commendation letters signed by Mike.

    After some discussion the committee agreed that it would like to see this event continue on an annual basis. Val mentioned that Erik Olsen from Outback Nursery had sent a letter recommending that District 10 include the tree events in a kind of Eco Fair and the group agreed to continue discussions.


3.  Mike reported that 11 residents attended the Compost Workshop on June 12, held at Lyngblomsten Homes.


4. Tree watering activities and maps: Mike showed the excellent maps that Bob Hale created, pinpointing where trees planted in 2009 are located and where trees to be planted this year will be located. Everyone is urged to volunteer to adopt one or more trees and see that they receive adequate hydration. Deb Robinson has been flyering the neighborhoods on the east side of the lake, Val posted the notice in the lakeside kiosk and several members took flyers to post in public places. Mike noted that 10 residents have already signed up to take the gator watering bags.


5. Betti Iwanski showed a prototype of the web page that will be used by participants in the Como Home Energy Efficiency Program, created by a consultant funded by a grant. When the site is up and running participants can enter data online and can view their energy use over time. She noted that there are 16 residents in this program.


6. Mike reported that the July 24 garden tour as part of the July 23-25 Staycation in District 10 is coming together. He has about 10 resident gardens signed up and wants to include the Frankson/McKinley Rain garden and the Pavilion Native Plant Garden.  He asked participants to send him a short description of their gardens so he can make a list and Josh can include the garden sites on the Art Crawl maps.


7. The Committee’s next meeting will be a shoreline weeding event, July 21, 6-8 p.m., Mike will send out the meet-up site via e-mail and it will be on the e-blast.


8. Capitol Region Watershed District update: Mike reported that the board toured a number of CRWD’s projects, including the Lake McCarron’s shoreline restoration and the pervious surface on the parking lot at Falcon Heights City Hall.


9. Other business: Susan Jane updated the group on the Como Woodland/Outdoor Classroom, including the field day held by Como Senior High, the status of the application for designation of the area as a School Forest by the DNR and the fact that the task team has raised half of the funds needed for the Poet in the Schools.


There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 8 p.m.


***Worth noting: The number of participants in the various projects sponsored recently by the Environment Committee adds up to something like 57  (16 in CHEEP, 22 at Tree Appreciation, 8 at Tree Trek, 11 at Compost Workshop), which is pretty impressive.

Minutes submitted by Val Cunningham


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