Minutes - 9/2010
Saturday, October 23, 2010 10:15 PM



Historic Streetcar Station

1224 North Lexington Parkway North, Saint Paul, MN 55103

Tuesday September 21, 2010

7:00 PM


Directors Present:  Ted Blank, Pete Bolstad, Barbara Clark, Barbara Frick, Chris Harkness, Panod Klongtruatroke, Jon Knox, Monica Lofgren, Marcy Micek, Marsha Milgrom, Dolores Rufenacht


Directors Excused:   Scott Baker, Chris Martineau, Mike MacDonald


Staff Present:  Rhonda DeBough Insook


       I.          Call to Order                                                                                                               


Jon Knox called the meeting to order at 7:05.


     II.          Review, Amend, Approval of Agenda                                                                 


Dianne Wanner was unable to present tonight.  Other changes include Pete Bolstad combining Chris Martineau’s discussion of Neighbor Relations and CRPTIP together.


Marsha Milgrom motioned to approve agenda with changes, seconded by Panod Klongtruatroke.  Motion carries - agenda approved.


    III.          COMMUNITY SECTION                                                                                           


A.     Board Chair Report


Ted Blank introduced himself as a new board member.  He is a homeowner and has lived in the district for quite a while. 


Nominations are sought for the City’s Honor Roll.  Submissions can be given to Rhonda  DeBough prior to the November board meeting.   There is a format on the website.


B.     Treasurer’s Report


Marcy Micek noted there is nothing to report beyond financial statements included in the board packet.


C.     Diane Wanner Presentation – postponed/cancelled.


D.     Community Discussion – none.


Chris Harkness announced she and Dolores Rufenacht attended board training and shared information about a 6-month leadership training.  Fee is marginal; limited scholarships are available.


Dolores Rufenacht highlighted what she had learned at the board training, conducted at the advanced level by the City of Saint Paul and other presenters.


   IV.          BOARD BUSINESS SECTION                                                     


A.     Review/Amend/Approve Minutes & Financial Statements        


Move to approve minutes by Micek, seconded by Frick.  Motion carries.


B.     Committee Updates

a.      Financial Development Committee


The committee has no current chair.  Discussion has occurred as to whether it should continue, proposed structure and if so who would be willing to chair.


Marcy Micek spoke to the Financial Development Committee’s original charter.  In 12/08 there were interested members with fundraising skills.  Committee’s purpose was to explore potential sources to supplement City funds, conduct events, etc.  In Micek’s perspective, several of the objectives have been accomplished. 


Panod Klongtruatroke mentioned the Committee was discussed by Executive Committee recently. 


Rhonda DeBough mentioned that District 10’s funding sources, with the City as main funder, makes the district vulnerable.  A common grant application is available.  Additionally, DeBough, as staff Community Organizer, may not allocate her time to these activities under current grant agreements with the City, which require specific time for their own purposes.


Dolores Rufenacht spoke on behalf of special projects and events.  Past district councils conducted fundraising related to events.  Rufenacht believes the work is important.


Barbara Clark referenced the District 10 annual goal-setting process, and questioned how a Financial Development Committee work would fit within this framework.


Panod Klongtruatroke moved to retain the committee charter, tabling this discussion until after October elections.  Motion second by Barbara Clark.  Motion carries. 


b.      Neighborhood Relations Committee and Transportation Implementation


Peter Blostad explained the Transportation Implementation Plan (TIP) Ad-Hoc Committee met Sept. 2, and reviewed drawings from the TIP project consultants.  Recommendations will be final by Oct. 1.  District 10’s Neighbor Relations Committee held a special meeting Oct. 9 at which 32 persons attended.  Concerns included waiting for a year or two to implement permit and/or paid parking.  The City Council had previously recommended a new permit parking area this year.  Additional concerns include a lack of biking options, a possible paving of the green space at Hamline/Arlington to accomplish shuttling visitors.  


Bolstad indicated there may be one last TIP Ad-Hoc meeting to review final recommendations, bringing them to Neighbor Relations (NR) Oct. 14, and then ultimately to the full District 10 board and community on Oct. 19 for a vote.


Important dates should be promoted in advance and posted via D10 Communications. Key dates again are:  Oct. 1 final recommendations to be posted, Oct. 13 (Parks Commission, North Dale, 6); Oct. 14 Neighbor Relations, 7 at Streetcar Station;   Oct. 19; Board, 7 Nov. 17 Council.


Bolstad said that Martineau has asked that residents be encouraged to express their interest, or not, in permit parking.  Comotown has begun a petition to oppose permit parking. This is a recent development, so no additional information is yet available.  The petition lacks a stated author but is presumed to be at Como Zoo.  Board members suggest that Martineau inquire with the Como Zoo manager. 


Bolstad is sharing draft recommendations from the last and final TIP committee


Several items are posted on the District 10 website. 


c.      Environment Committee


Mike MacDonald, committee chair was not able to be present, but asked Rhonda DeBough to share the curbside street cleaning opportunity.


d.      Communications Committee


Panod Klongtruatroke said that two newsletter volunteer editors have begun working on quarterly D10 newsletters.  The newsletter is expected to be on residents’ doorsteps several days prior to October’s board meeting.  Last month’s Communications meeting was held at North Dale Recreation Center.


e.      Neighborhood Safety Committee


Dolores Rufenacht said that neighbors have observed teenagers trying to break into cars.  Some discussion is taking place among residents. Rufenacht encourages people to lock their cars at all times.


Neighbors have also expressed concerns about sex offenders moving into a neighborhood.  October 12 is the planned date of a workshop on this topic. 


Rufenacht attended the monthly open house at the Western District, and found it very educational. Such Open House meetings are offered the third Tues. of each month.


The Safety Committee is in process of establishing an alternate meeting date.


f.       Land Use Committee


Chris Harkness reported that Land Use reports no new issues. Harkness encourages interested board members to attend Advanced Land Use training for district boards, sponsored by the City in October.


g.      Shalom Home Update


Jon Knox reported on behalf of Scott Baker that Pak Properties hopes to have more information about the proposed Sholom Home development by the end of the week. 


C.     Staff Reports


Constant Contact, the tool that creates e-blasts, was successful.  Josh Witte worked hard to get it up and running. 


A neighborhood cleanup volunteer opportunity is still available for this coming weekend.


The pancake breakfast event is being planned along with Job Corps.  The event is Sat., Oct. 30.


Sat., Sept. 25 is a chili event from 4-7 at Coffee Grounds.  Rules are posted online.


Telling your community story online is being promoted by the City.


Rhonda DeBough shared a plaque from the Census Bureau.


     V.          Community and Staff Adjourn                                                                              8:05      


   Marcy Micek moved to adjourn, seconded  by Panod Klongtruatroke.  Meeting adjourned.


   VI.          Closed Session (Board Only)                                                                                   8:15

A.     HR Policy Review

B.     Staff Structure

C.     Staff Performance

D.     Recommendations


Respectfully submitted by Marsha Milgrom.





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