Minutes - April 29, 2013
Monday, May 27, 2013 12:45 PM

District 10 Community Council

Land Use Committee

Monday, April 29, 2013

Street Car Station



Members Present: Linda Hinderscheit, Kim Moon, Curt Stock, Chris Harkness and Bill Sylvester

Members Absent: Betsy Wehrwein, Tom Eyre

Staff Present: Ted Blank

Others Present:  Andrew V. McGlary (St. Paul Schools),  Ann Jurewicz (Twin Cities German Immersion School), Tom Dapper (Como Men’s Golf Club), Debra Pursley, Dana Saeger, Pete Bolstad,  Ron Reid, Patti Reid & Robert Hoke.

Call to Order:  Kim Moon called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. 

Adoption of Agenda: Motion to approve the agenda (Sylvester-Harkness) Passed.

Approval of Minutes: Motion to approve the minutes of the 04/01//2013 meeting (Harkness-Hinderscheit) Passed.

Chair Report: No report tonight

Twin Cities German Immersion School: Ann Jurewicz was in attendance to present information about their site at St. Andrew's. They are opening a K-8 German-language-immersion charter school. They are proposing a new addition that will attach the existing school to the existing church. This will require the alley to be vacated. The existing church will be a combination gym/auditorium/cafeteria. A parking lot will be constructed on the site of the current rectory. They are trying to find someone to purchase the rectory and move it, intact, off site. A neighbor of the school will be on the transportation committee. They have been meeting with neighbors in an attempt to develop good community relations. They are requesting a letter of support for the alley vacation, which will be on the St. Paul City Council agenda May 15th.  District 6 has given them a letter of support. Enrollment is currently at 320 students. By 2020, they expect an enrollment of 550 students, which will be their maximum. There were three residents of the neighborhood present at tonight's meeting. They indicated their general approval for the project. 


Motion: Approve a letter of support from the District 10 Land Use Committee for the alley vacation, which is included in the proposal to renovate the old St. Andrew's site into the Twin Cities German Immersion School (Hinderscheit-Stock) Passed.

Como Men's Golf Club: Tom Dapper, Vice President of the Como Men's Golf Club, was present. He distributed a letter, which was written by the Men’s Golf Club, to protest Parks and Rec's CIB request for funding for a study to repurpose the Como Golf Course. This was the second time this request for funding was submitted to the CIB process. It is not likely that it will be funded this year, but will probably be re-introduced in the future. They are requesting a letter of support from Land Use. Revenue at all golf courses is currently depressed because of the economy. One attendee at the meeting, not a member of the Men's Golf Club, suggested that fees should be lowered to attract more users, and there should be increased food and beverage service. Several people present indicated that the city courses have not been appropriately marketed. A Friends of Como member was present and reported that one of the proposed plans is to convert the golf course into a 9-hole course and increase parking.  However, this would also have an effect on skiing in the winter. Tom Dapper indicated that Como broke even last year, if the service of the debt for the remodel of Highland golf course was not included. The land is a former quarry; it is not buildable land. The golf course helps to filter water drainage before it goes to Como Lake. The golf course is home to many species of birds and other wildlife. People use the golf course to walk; neighborhood children use it to play. The course is short, but challenging. It is maintained very well by city staff. Parks and Rec has a website, a Facebook page, and a Twitter account for its golf courses. These are possible, low-cost ways to market the golf course. Como has a good revenue-to-cost ratio. An opinion was expressed that the money requested for the study would probably be better spent to market the shuttle service to the zoo, because the discussion of the re-purposing of the golf course was initiated as a response to the parking problems of the Como campus. Pete Bolstad offered the opinion that a study of the Como campus as a whole, and not just focusing on the golf course, is a good idea when the time and finances are right. The viability of golf throughout the whole city, and not just Como, should be studied. Chris proposed that we draft a position that we support an 18-hole golf course as a part of the neighborhood, but take some time and be thoughtful about it. We will take this up again at the next meeting. 

Lao Family Sports Festival Sound Variance: The community meeting regarding the Sports Festival, sponsored by the St. Paul Police, will be held on May 7th at the Streetcar Station.


Motion: Approve the writing of a letter to support the sound variance requested by the Lao Family Sports Festival (Stock-Harkness) Passed.

Walgreens Window Photos: We viewed a slide show of the photos that were submitted to Kim. Ted Blank will put them on the website, and we will vote on them with the goal of submitting 20 to Walgreens. They are not going to put any pictures in the smaller windows. We should each vote on our top 20 pictures by Sunday, May 5th. 

New Business: Ted Blank reported on a possible community garden site that is in the South Como area. The city is willing to lease it for $1.00 with the provision that anyone who wants to use it to garden has access to it. There is a city contract that specifies how it will be maintained. It has a rather steep grade. The city may bring in some mulch. District 10 would have to idemnify the city against any liabilitiy. The City is willing to make water available for free for three years. There are also some vacant lots that are available in the South Como area, but they would only be available for a community garden it the city does not sell or develop them.  

Adjourn: Motion to adjourn the meeting at 8:51 p.m. (Sylvester-Stock) Passed.

Next Meeting: The next meeting is Monday, June 3, 2013, at Java Train.

Future Meeting Dates (Mondays at 7:00 at Java Train unless noted otherwise): 7/1, 8/5, 9/2, 9/30, 11/4, 12/2

Minutes recorded by Linda R. Hinderscheit, Committee Member

These minutes are not official until approved.





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