Minutes - January 4, 2016

Como Community Council--District 10

Land Use Committee

Monday, January 4, 2016

Street Car Station




Present: Kim Moon, Chris Harkness, Bill Sylvester, Kevin Dahm, Frank Dolejsi, Linda Hinderscheit, Jon Heyer and Michael Kuchta (staff)


Absent: David Sorenson


Call to Order:  Kim Moon called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. 


Adoption of Agenda: Motion to approve the agenda (Hinderscheit-Dahm) Passed.


Approval of Minutes:

Motion: Approve the minutes of the 11/02/2015 meeting.  (Dahm-Dolejsi) Passed.


Chair Report: No additional information report tonight.


Stop sign at Como & Pascal Avenues: Richard Osborne, a resident who lives near Arona and Como, was present tonight. He has contacted Russ Stark's office regarding the installation of yellow pedestrian caution signs in the crosswalks and/or a stop sign at Como and Pascal. There are bus stops at this intersection and heavy pedestrian traffic. He observed that traffic is particularly dangerous going westbound. The City did send out additional traffic enforcement for awhile last fall. The City will not install yellow pedestrian caution signs in the crosswalk until spring because of winter plowing. We encouraged Richard to contact Elizabeth Stiffler, in Traffic Engineering, regarding possible traffic calming measures.  Michael Kuchta discussed a group called St. Paul Walks, an initiative to raise awareness of pedestrian safety. This might be a good intersection for a pedestrian safety project in D10. Richard will keep us posted on his conversation with Elizabeth Stiffler. 


Traffic & Parking around German Immersion School: Bonnie Youngquist, a resident near the German Immersion School, presented her concerns about navigating into driveways and alleys around the German Immersion School at pick-up time.  There are also problems with the MTC bus stop being blocked by a queue of drivers waiting to pick up their children from school. At times the queue reaches Lexington. Bonnie is very concerned about the intersection of Churchill and Van Slyke. She is also concerned about the school's plans to expand its enrollment and scope of programs, resulting in more traffic concerns. Ann Jurewicz, from the German Immersion School, was present tonight. She reported that the school administration has trouble getting some parents to obey the rules and encouraged residents to call the police.  Chris Harkness pointed out that a bus passenger, whose access to or from the bus is blocked, would have difficulty contacting the police. By the time the police arrive, the bus would have moved on. The school has tried some options to alleviate automobile traffic: two buses to transport children; periodic traffic police; and conferring with Elizabeth Stiffler from Traffic Enforcement about additional signage. Bonnie Youngquist replied that these measures have not solved the problem. More bussing was suggested. Ann Juremic a replied that the school would use more busses, but the parents are refusing to allow their kids to take the bus. Bonnie Youngquist reported that the City suggested a pick up hub nearby (Como Pool) or hiring police officers to control pick up traffic. Increased school patrols and/or staggered pick up times were suggested at tonight's meeting. Ann Jurewicz indicated she thinks that starting with the Churchill-Van Slyke intersection is a priority. They are also considering randomizing police patrols to keep the parents on their toes.


New Business:

Off-leash dog park area in the neighborhood: Anne Thom was present at tonight's meeting. She had a couple suggestions as possible areas (the grassy area on Chatsworth near Arlington and another area near the Humane Society).  She has talked to Amy Brendmoen about this. We suggested she start discussing a possible dog park with Parks and Rec because both sites, which she has suggested, are within Como Park. 


Adjourn: Motion to adjourn the meeting at 8:15 p.m.


Next Meeting: The next meeting is Monday, February 1, 2016, at the Street Car Station.


Future meeting dates: 02/29, 04/04, 05/02, 05/31*, 07/05*, 08/01, 09/06*, 10/03, 11/01* and 12/05.  Dates marked with * are Tuesdays (following a Monday holiday).


Minutes recorded by Linda R. Hinderscheit, Committee Member

These minutes are not official until approved.



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