Minutes - January 5, 2015

Como Community Council--District 10

Land Use Committee

Monday, January 5, 2015

Street Car Station




Present: Kim Moon, Chris Harkness, Bill Sylvester, Kevin Dahm, Jon Meideros, Frank Dolejsi, Linda Hinderscheit, Ryan Flynn and Alison Kirgis


Absent: Jon Meideros


Call to Order:  Kim Moon called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. 


Adoption of Agenda: Motion to approve the agenda (Flynn-Hinderscheit) Passed.


Approval of Minutes: The minutes of the 12/01/2014 meeting were not available for review prior to this meeting. They will be reviewed and approved at the next meeting.


Chair Report: Kim Moon has not had a response from Russ Stark about the issue of peddlers in the vicinity of the State Fairgrounds, which we discussed at our last meeting. Kim will try contacting Russ Stark again. He will also contact Amy Brendmoen.


1393 Breda Variance: In advance of tonight's meeting, Nick Davis submitted documentation regarding his request for support for a zoning variance for his property at 1393 Breda Avenue. There are two homes on the property (one has been approved as a non-conforming use). The other is a duplex, and has been so for many years, but is listed by the city as single-family dwelling. He has been told by the City that he needs to turn the duplex into a single-family dwelling. He has submitted letters of support from his neighbors and a signed petition of those in the immediate area surrounding his home.

Motion: Approve a letter of support for Nick Davis' request for a zoning variance for his property at 1393 Breda (Flynn-Dolejsi) Passed.


Discussion of Hazardous Materials on Local Trains: Bill Lipkin, who is a D10 board member in the South Como area and lives near the train tracks, was present to discuss the issue of the increase of train traffic, many of which are carrying crude oil. There has been media coverage this past week regarding the problem of train and car traffic intersecting on Como Avenue east of the lake. This intersection is one of the five worst in the State of Minnesota. Of those five routes, Como is the most populated. This route through our neighborhood is the main route for oil from the Bakken fields in North Dakota. The increase in train traffic has caused problems for people nearby who are trying to sell their homes. An expert in the area has reported that the burn area, in case of a disaster, is half a mile wide. Bill Lipkin has talked to someone from MNDOT who is willing to come and discuss the issue. Bill has also talked to Janice Rettman. Kevin Dahm suggested that the railroad should buy land along the tracks and turn them into a non-populated buffer zone. Bill Lipkin is going to contact the MNDOT representative and invite him to an upcoming Land Use meeting. Kim will contact Amy Brendmoen and Janice Rettman. Bill Lipkin reported that there are State legislators who are working on this issue and are looking for support.  


New Business: Street name survey results are in and are as follow:

§  Renaming Gateway to Nagasaki: 30% yes, 70% no

§  Renaming Horton to Como between Lexington and Hamline: 81% yes, 19% no

§  Renaming Como to Wynne at McMurray: 68% yes, 32% no

We discussed forwarding the survey results to the City Council and Parks & Rec, because there is not enough time to take action on an official D10 position through the Board before the City Council meets. Alison reported that the Monitor has requested the results, and she will forward them.


Adjourn: Motion to adjourn the meeting at 7:41 p.m.


Next Meeting: The next meeting is Monday, February 2, 2015, at the Street Car Station.


Future meeting dates: 3/2, 3/30, 5/4, 6/1, 6/29, 8/3, 8/31, 10/5, 11/2 & 11/30

Motion: Approve meeting dates for 2015 (Moon-Harkness) Passed


Minutes recorded by Linda R. Hinderscheit, Committee Member

These minutes are not official until approved.



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