Minutes - July 30, 2012
Sunday, August 26, 2012 8:45 PM

Land Use Committee Meeting Minutes

July 30, 2012

Java Train


Members Present: Chris Harkness, Linda Hinderscheit, Kim Moon, Bill Sylvester, Tom Eyre, Betsy Wehrwein, Curtis Stock

Staff Present: Jessie Bronk

Others Present: Lynne Menturweck, Danica Goshert

Call to Order:  The meeting was called to order at 7:01 p.m. 

Adoption of Agenda: Motion to approve the agenda was approved (Hinderscheit-Harkness) Passed.

Approval of Minutes: Motion to approve the minutes of the 06/25/2012 meeting. (Harkness-Eyre). Passed.

Chair Report: Kim Moon attended a meeting of the businesses along Energy Park Drive regarding a new heating-cooling system. Energy Park Drive will be torn up after the Fair for construction of the heating-cooling system.

Boulevard Bear: Lynne Menturweck was present to make a request for assistance in getting city approval for the installation of a sculpted wooden bear on the boulevard in front of her home on Montana Ave. The new sculpture would be situated where a pre-existing piece, which had been carved out of a tree, had been located before it deteriorated and had to be removed. Her recent request has been denied by the city, because she wishes to situate the bear on the boulevard (public land), and it is considered public art. She has begun to persue the approval process for public art, but is running into trouble with her homeowner's insurance. Lynne was here to get information from D10 about the possibility of assisting with insurance coverage.


Motion: District 10 Land Use Commitee supports the concept of Lynne Menturweck replacing her Boulevard Bear sculpture on the boulevard public right of way in front of her home. We intend to investigate options for expediting the process with the City of St.Paul. We are open to exploring any other suggested options with the City. (Sylvester-Harkness). Approved.


Betsy Wehrwein suggested that Lynne contact Dave Thune, City Councilperson, about other ways to deal with this. Bill Sylvester suggested that she talk to other homeowners' insurance companies to see if there are others who will be more amenable to covering the liability for the sculpture. 

Lawn Parking: Danica Goshert was present to talk about her concerns regarding lawn parking in the neighborhood during the Fair. She reported that she has noticed an increase in lawn parking in recent years, with a concommitant increase in traffic through the neighborhood. She noted a difference in traffic in the adjoining Falcon Heights neighborhood where lawn parking is not allowed.  She is concerned about cars driving on sidewalks and over curbs. She did not come to the meeting with a predetermined solution, but mentioned the idea of issuing permits. Bill Sylvester reviewed the history of ordinance-approved lawn parking in the neighborhood adjoining the Fair, including studies done beforehand. There are things motorists can do and can't do: cars cannot drive on a sidewalk to get to another property; however, they can cross the sidewalk to get access to a lawn. Curb-jumping is allowed. We discussed ways to educate the neighborhood about the ordinances governing lawn parking, including the e-newsletter and flyering homes in the neighborhood in well in advance of the Fair. We felt that it's too late to do flyering for this year; people take vacations from work so they can park cars duing the Fair, so they need notice well in advance. Kim Moon will investigate the ordinance and get the information to Jessie Bronk so she can at least put it in an e-newsletter as soon as possible in anticipation of this year's Fair.   We will do more to educate the residents of the area after this year's Fair in anticipation for next year. Betsy Wehrwein suggested to Jessie Bronk that she talk to block club leaders in the area about their perceptions of lawn parking and traffic.

Car Shows at the Fairgrounds: Betsy Wehrwein asked if we were planning to talk to the State Fair administration about the traffic and noise in the neighborhood during the car shows. Chris Harkness said it was better last year, but worse again this year. Betsy suggested that if the Lao Family is willing to work with the neighborhood on the impact of the Hmong Sports Festival, the State Fair should be willing to work with us as well. Chris Harkness suggested we talk to the State Fair administation about informing the organizers of all events at Fairgrounds that they need to be respectful of the neighborhood.

Sholom Home/Traditions: Jessie Bronk reported that Jon Knox wanted her to talk to us about the Sholom Home/Traditions problems. Rhett Sweeney has been unresponsive to our attempts to contact him about graffiti and weeds. Bill Sylvester reported that the City crews were out last week to cut the lawn and pull weeds. Rhett Sweeney will be billed for that by the City. Chris suggested that the Sholom Home ad hoc committee be reactivated. Curtis Stock suggested that D10 write a letter outlining our concerns to Russ Stark, City Councilperson, and Public Works. Bill Sylvester suggested that we wait for a month to see if the City's bill for cutting the lawn will have any effect.

Adjournment: The meeting was adjourned at 8:31 p.m.

Future Meeting Dates:  The next meeting is Monday, August 27, 2012, at Java Train.

Additional meeting dates (Mondays at Java Train unless noted otherwise):

·         October 1

·         November 5

·         December 3


Minutes recorded by Linda R. Hinderscheit, Committee Member


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