Minutes - June 1, 2015

Como Community Council--District 10

Land Use Committee

Monday, June 1, 2015

Street Car Station




Present: Kim Moon, Chris Harkness, Bill Sylvester, Kevin Dahm, David Sorenson, Frank Dolejsi and Linda Hinderscheit


Absent: Alison Kirgis


Call to Order:  Kim Moon called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. 


Adoption of Agenda: Motion to approve the agenda (Dolejsi-Dahm) Passed.


Approval of Minutes: Motion to approve the minutes of the 05/04/2015 meeting. (Dolejsi-Dahm) Passed.


Chair Report: None


Como Dockside Liquor License---Susie Odegard was present to request a waiver of the 45-day waiting period for an add-on, patio license to the current liquor license for Como Dockside. The City holds the liquor license for the Pavilion. The patio by the water will be used for seating and service. The pedestrian walkway will remain through the patio area. The water will remain accessible to non-customers. Chris Harkness asked why the license was for a patio license (which is for private property) as opposed to a sidewalk license (which is for public property). Susie Odegard was not able to answer this question. Chris was concerned that the patio would now be considered private property. It is Susie Odegard's understanding that alcoholic beverages will not be sold from the concession window at the patio level. Grab-and-go food and soft drinks will be sold from the concession window. Customers will need to order restaurant food and drinks in the main restaurant, but servers may bring it down to the tables on the patio. City regulations require that the licensee must take steps to prevent people from taking alcoholic drinks away from the approved, designated areas. Frank suggested that containers be made available for disposal of the compostable glasses, plates, etc, that Dockside is using. Chris pointed out that she is concerned about restaurant waste ending up in the lake. Susie Odegard said she would bring our concerns to the managers of Dockside.

Motion: Support the waiver of the 45-day waiting period for the add-on liquor license for the patio for Como Dockside service (Dolejsi-Moon). Passed.


Broadband Network Infrastructure: A presentation was made at our last board meeting regarding this issue. We discussed the issue further, but decided not to act on it tonight.  We will study the issue more and discuss it again in the future with possible community input.




Hmong Sports Festival:

Motion: Write a letter of support for the Hmong Festival's request for a sound variance (Harkness-Sylvester). Passed.


New Business:  Frank reported that there will be a meeting at the Hamline Midway Library about trash hauling.


Adjourn: Motion to adjourn the meeting at 7:43 p.m.


Next Meeting: The next meeting is Monday, July 6, 2015 (note that this meeting has been rescheuduled from 6/29) at the Street Car Station.


Future meeting dates: 8/3, 8/31, 10/5, 11/2 & 11/30


Minutes recorded by Linda R. Hinderscheit, Committee Member

These minutes are not official until approved.



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