Minutes - March 5, 2012
Wednesday, March 07, 2012 4:35 PM


District 10 Community Council Land Use Committee

Monday, March 5, 2012

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Present: Committee members—Kim Moon, Bill Sylvester, Betsy Wehrwein, Chris Harkness, Curtis Stock, Tom Eyre; Guests— Tim Weiss, Vince Gillespie, Sue Gunderson, Arnel Ruppel, Jeff Strickler, Kathy Stock; Staff—Jessica Bronk,

Meeting called to order at 7:00 PM. Minutes approved: Stock, Eyre.  Agenda approved.

1.      Tim Weiss – Gabe’s by the Park – St. Patrick’s Day Variance- Gabe’s has applied for a liquor license extension and sound variance beginning at 4:00 PM on Friday, March 16, and at 6:00 PM on Saturday, March 17. Both days would have outdoor music and beverage sales until 1:00 am. This year there will not be a giant tent; it will be a smaller event than before. They will cover the patio, the band will be staged in northwest corner and project southwest away from Lexington Avenue toward US Bank. District 6 has sent a letter recommending allowing a variance from the sound level limitations as indicated in the Saint Paul Noise Ordinance (Chapter 293 of the Saint Paul Legislative Code) and the extension of liquor sales for Gabe’s by the Park, 991 Lexington Parkway, to allow amplified live music for March 16th and 17th, 2012 from 4:00PM. To midnight. Discussion ensued concerning decibel levels and concerns that changing the location of the stage, not having a tent may create problems that had been previously solved. Mr. Weiss stated his goal is to keep the level down, be a good neighbor and respond diligently to complaints. Any complaints should be directed to him at (651) 646-3066. Gabe’s management will contact the neighboring apartments and give them the phone number as well. Gabe’s staff will see that the neighborhood is cleaned up afterward. Gabe’s management will come to next meeting to discuss how the weekend went.

Motion to support the extension liquor license and sound variance to 1 AM: Wehrwein, Stock. Motion carried. Kim Moon will send a letter of support. Jessica Bronk will post information in eblast and on edemocracy listserv.

2.       Major Jeff Strickler – Salvation Army – Booth Brown House—Major Strickler spoke about the history of the house and programming: originally home to unwed mothers, then adolescent youth who had been neglected and abused, then temporary shelter for teenagers (with Ramsey County) and most recently permanent housing for teenagers. Major Arnel Ruppell is the Booth Brown House Administrator. She explained that Ramsey County now would like to once again contract with Booth Brown for emergency housing/shelter, 11 beds now and eventually 16 beds; the population would be mostly from St Paul. Ramsey County currently has only 16 beds for this age group. The Salvation Army is required to apply for conditional use permit to serve 16-21 year-olds. Maximum stay is 30 days. All stays are voluntary and must comply with strict rules to stay. Residents must co-pay rent. There is zero tolerance for violence or bullying. The Booth Brown House is staffed with 3 fulltime employees (2 overnight.) Public hearing will be on March 29th and Planning Commission hearing is on April 6th. 

Motion to recommend a letter of support: Harkness, Wehrwein. Motion carried. Jessie will put the information in eblast.

3.      Sue Gunderson – Chelsea STAR Grant—St Paul Public Schools is applying to improve the Chelsea Heights Elementary School playground and landscaping, redesign corner at Hamline and Nebraska, and make Recreation Center entrance more visible. The PTO has raised 60K. Tree Trust will provide some volunteer labor and trees, shrubs and a retaining wall. Capital Region Watershed District will be doing a rain garden. Total cost may be about 300 K. The playground serves nearly 4000 children/year. Letters of support should be sent to the Star Grant people at the City. Suggestion was made to ask the Humphrey Institute for intern help.

Motion to recommend a letter of support: Stock,Eyre. Motion carried.  

4.       Other business—Ms. Bronk showed a map of the City View Electric proposed plan for a new pole shed at 1617 Wynne Ave. It would not require rezoning and to our knowledge no variances have been requested.

Land Use will not be taking a position for or against at this time.

Rapid Bus on Snelling Avenue—Bill Sylvester described the new type of bus and stations on Snelling. Possible stop locations were discussed. Connecting the Rapid Bus to the 3 would be important.  Land Use should be involved in the bus/transportation discussion as it affects Lexington/Hamline and Como Avenue. Some members will attend the information meeting on Wednesday, March 7.

Mr. Sylvester also raised the issue of the possibility of a bike lane on Snelling.  While it does not seem safe the way it is today, we should look for ways to make Snelling safer to ride bikes in the future.

Ms. Bronk displayed an RSVP project map showing street improvement schedule Como Ave and Pascal are slated for 2016.

Upcoming meetings: April 2, April 30, June 4, June 25, July 30, August 27, October 1, November 5 and December 3.                                               

Meeting Adjourned                                                                                                                 8:47


Respectfully Submitted,


Chris Harkness

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