Minutes 02/18/2014
Saturday, March 22, 2014 3:15 PM

District 10 Como Community Council Board Meeting

Historic Street Car Station

1224 Lexington Parkway, Saint Paul, MN  55108

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

7:00 PM


I. Call to Order: Chairperson Jon Knox called the meeting to order at 7:04 p.m.

II. Board Introductions:

Present: Jon Knox, Chris Harkness, Linda Hinderscheit, Debra Pursley, Julie Tholen, Dana Saeger, Kim Moon, Tom Eyre, Bill Lipkin and Tedd James

Absent: Pete Bolstad, Mary Michalski, Patrick Tschida, Curt Stock and Frank Dolejsi

Staff Present: Ted Blank

III. Review, Amend, Approval of Agenda:

Motion: Approve the agenda (Pursley-Moon) Passed


A. Board Chair Report: Jon Knox did not have an additional report for the Community Section this evening. See Executive Committee section in Board Section below. 

B. Treasurer's Report: Tom Eyre reported that we finished 2013 in good shape. 

C. Special Election: Two board positions remain unfilled: one at-large position and an interim sub-district 4 position. There were no nominations received prior to tonight's meeting. There were no nominations from the floor.

D. Guest Presentation: Senior Commander Paul Iovino from the St. Paul Police Department was present at tonight's meeting. He reminded about the monthly community meetings. D10 is one of the lower crime districts in the city. Most crimes are theft from auto, primarily in the park. Newest crime trend along University Avenue is "Apple picking" (phone and computer theft). When the light rail opens, there will be an obvious presence of police officers along the line. The light rail opening may bring more of this type of crime to the general area. He welcomes calls from residents. Aware neighbors are good for the neighborhood. 

E. Miscellaneous Community Discussion: None


A. Review/Amend/Approve Minutes and Financial Statements:

Motion: Approve tonight's financial statements and minutes of the 01/21/2014 meeting (Moon-Pursley). Passed.

B. Staff Report: In addition to the staff report in the board packet, Ted Blank reported that Minneapolis is hosting a community connections conference on March 22nd at the Minneapolis Convention Center. It is free. A sign-up sheet was circulated. The results of the annual survey were distributed at tonight's meeting. There may have been a problem with the process needed to submit the survey, which may have contributed to the low response rate. The first Sunday Series presentation, hosted by the Environment Committee, will be February 23rd at Lyngblomsten. The speaker is Clay Christensen, Bird Man of Lauderdale. The event is free, but there will be a container for donations. The German Immersion School will hold monthly meetings with the community to work on traffic and parking issues. The next meeting will be Monday, February 24th at 6:30 p.m. at the school. Rachel Coyle, St. Paul Forestry Department, will present an update on the city's response to the Emerald Ash Borer infestation at our March Council meeting. Trees are currently being marked for removal this spring.

C. 2014 Budget: Tom reported that he will be able to get the 2014 budget out to the Board after tonight's discussion on staff salary.

D. Committee Updates:

a. Land Use: Kim Moon presented an action item for a conditional use permit for the WUCW TV station on Como Avenue (directly across from the Fairgrounds). The station has been using area in front of their building to display (not sell) merchandise for its advertisers during the MN State Fair. They have been informed that they need a conditional use permit to continue to display merchandise.

Motion: Approve the letter of support to PED Zoning for WUCW's request for a conditional use permit during the MN State Fair. (Moon-Tholen). Passed. 

Next Land Use meeting is on March 3rd. North Dale booster club will be present to request support for a STAR grant to refrigerate the ice rinks. Owners of 1064 Argyle Street have asked for a zoning variance. Kim will contact them and invite them to the next meeting. We have begun to generate ideas for the restaurant space at the Pavilion in order to be prepared when the City asks for our input. Kim went to the City's bikeways plan meeting last week. The plan is very ambitious with no clear priorities for routes set. Chris reports that there is no funding. Ted reported there is another meeting on Thursday, 2/20, downtown. 

b. District Plan ad hoc Committee: Chris Harkness reported that she also went to a meeting on the bikeways plan. A representative will be at the ad hoc committee's meeting on March 10th at the Street Car Station. Chris encouraged people to attend and provide input. Maps of the plans are on a website. 

c. Neighborhood Relations and Safety: Mary Michalski was not present at tonight's meeting. Ted Blank reported that subcommittees for Como Fest, garden tour and welcome South Como are in need of more members. 

d. Environment Committee: Dana Saeger reported the Sunday Series kicks off this coming Sunday with the Bird Man of Lauderdale at Lyngblomsten. The committee meets tomorrow night. 

e. Como Regional Park Advisory Committee: Pete Bolstad was not present at tonight's meeting. The committee has not met since our last board meeting, and is scheduled to meet again in April. 

f. Executive Committee:  Jon Knox led discussions on the following topics:

i. Action item: An ordinance, which delineates processes and procedures to be followed in any future district council boundary changes, has been drafted. Ted Blank was part of the committee that drafted the ordinance. District 10 has been invited to respond to the proposed ordinance.  A letter, which outlines two concerns, has been drafted and was included in the board packet. These concerns are: 1.) the suggested timeline of 60 days for a district council to respond is short; and 2.) the City Council should consult with the affected district councils when determining the effective date of a change. 

Motion: Approve the letter of feedback on the proposed boundary change ordinance to the St. Paul City Council. (Harkness-Moon). Passed.

ii. Elections at Annual Meeting in April: Jon wants to know the intent of any board members whose terms are up in April. Tom Eyre has decided to not run for Treasurer for another term because of family needs. We will be in need of a new Treasurer. 

iii. Staff Performance Review: 

Motion: Affirm the staff performance review as written and distributed to the board by Jon Knox. (James-Tholen) Passed.

Motion: Affirm the proposed staff salary increase (Lipkin-James) Passed. 

VI. Adjourn:  Motion to adjourn was made at 7:46 p.m. Passed.

Respectfully submitted by Linda R. Hinderscheit, Secretary

These minutes were approved on March 18, 2014. 

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