Minutes 03/18/2014
Sunday, April 20, 2014 2:55 PM

District 10 Como Community Council Board Meeting

Historic Street Car Station

1224 Lexington Parkway, Saint Paul, MN  55108

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

7:00 PM



I. Call to Order: Chairperson Jon Knox called the meeting to order at 7:01 p.m.

II. Board Introductions:

Present: Jon Knox, Linda Hinderscheit, Debra Pursley, Pete Bolstad, Julie Tholen, Frank Dolejsi, Dana Saeger, Kim Moon, Tom Eyre, Mary Michalski, Bill Lipkin, Curt Stock and Tedd James

Absent: Chris Harkness and Patrick Tschida

Staff Present: Ted Blank

III. Review, Amend, Approval of Agenda:

Motion: Approve the agenda (Moon-Dolejsi) Passed


A. Board Chair Report: Jon Knox reported that Traditions of St. Paul had a major water leak in its basement. It was first noticed by neighbors across the street because of very low water pressure. Jon is not sure if the problem has been resolved. Jon indicated that he would try to invite the new owners to a Council meeting to give us updates on the progress of their conversion of the former Sholom Home into an assistive living facility. 

B. Treasurer's Report: Tom Eyre reported that two months into 2014, we do not yet have our City grants approved (although that is expected soon) and have not yet had fundraising events. We have received a COPP grant from Ward 5. 

C. Special Election: A nomination has been received for the open at-large position on the board. Ryan Flynn, who lives in Sub-district 3, has submitted an application. 

a. Motion: Elect Ryan Flynn for the open at-large board position by acclamation. (Moon-Michalski) Passed

No nominations have been received, nor were there any nominations from the floor, for the open interim Sub-district 4 position.

D. Guest Speaker: Rachel Coyle, Forestry Unit of St. Paul Department of Parks and Recreation, was present to talk about the City's effort to contain the Emerald Ash Borer infestation. The Emerald Ash Borer was first found in St. Paul in 2009. There were quite a few trees identified as infested in 2013 and 2014, many of them on railroad property. The railroad may act as an avenue for infestation to spread. Sampling of four trees on Lexington Parkway revealed that all four were infested. Lexington will be treated as a structured removal area, with all ash trees (205) removed on Lexington south of Como Park, probably in mid-to-late April. (There will be a future community meeting on this topic.) In order to suppress EAB spread, an insecticide may be injected directly into trees on some of the boulevards. Infested trees will be removed. Dead trees are more costly to remove, because they present a greater danger to the people who are removing them. St. Paul does not have trees that have died from EAB infestation yet.  Areas will be reforested by planting 2+ species per block. There are approximately 20,000-25,000 ash trees on boulevards in St. Paul with approximately 10,000 in parks. To slow the spread, don't remove any ash tree debris until fall or winter; don't move firewood; and report suspicious trees. Keep ash tree debris within the quarantine area (Hennepin and Ramsey counties). The forestry unit has a list of licensed contractors who are well informed about the EAB quarantine.

E. Miscellaneous Community Discussion: None.


A. Review/Amend/Approve Minutes and Financial Statements:

Motion: Approve tonight's financial statements and minutes of the 02/18/2014 meeting (Moon-Stock). Passed.

B. 2014 Budget: Tom Eyre presented highlights of the 2014 District 10 Community Council budget. A written copy of the budget was provided in the board packet prior to tonight’s meeting. The Executive Committee has recommended approval. 

Motion: Approve 2014 budget as presented (Dolejsi-Michalski) Passed. 

C. Staff Report: Ted Blank reported our bank has changed owners; he advised us to cash any outstanding checks before April 1, after which they will no longer be honored. The HHH Job Corps is undergoing some facility improvements; parking issues may arise in neighborhood during construction. D10 was recognized by Constant Contact (email newsletter delivery) as a 2013 "All Star." PED approved our 2014 community engagement grant with the City. The Garden Tour is looking for nominations for gardeners.Registration for the neighborhood garage sale, to be held on May 17th, is open on our website. Registration fee will be $15 (an increase from $10 last year), but those who register by 4/25 will pay a discounted early registration fee of $10. Ted will be on vacation from tomorrow to next Tuesday, so the office will be closed.

D. Committee Updates:

a. Land Use: Kim Moon presented motions on two issues discussed as the last Land Use meeting.

Motion: Approve letter of support for North Dale Booster Club's application for a STAR grant in order to replace the cooling system for one of their ice rinks. (Moon-Dolejsi) Passed

Motion: Affirm the Executive Committee's approval of a letter of support for a minor zoning variance for some remodeling at a home at 1064 Argyle. (Pursley-Eyre) Passed.

Kim indicated that someone from the golf course will be invited to a future Land Use meeting to discuss the new operators and the requested liquor license.

b. District Plan ad hoc Committee: Chris Harkness was not present tonight. Her notes are in the board packet. Ted Blank reported that the last meeting was focused on the City's new comprehensive bike plan. Kim Moon reported that the attendees at the meeting suggested that the bike path not go up Lexington north of the park (because of the narrow street and heavy traffic) but instead go up Chatsworth. Attendees also suggested Victoria not be used because of the curves, bump-outs and heavy traffic. 

c. Neighborhood Relations and Safety: Mary Michalski reported that minutes of the past two meetings are in the board packet. The committee is planning many events. The committee has attracted new members, but does need volunteers for upcoming events. There is a fire prevention safety event upcoming on April 26th. Volunteers are needed for set up and take down. Many volunteers are also needed for the ice cream social on Friday, June 13th. Mary encouraged board members to be present, especially for the ice cream social. Both events are scheduled to be held at the Street Car Station. 

d. Environment Committee: Dana Saeger reported that the February minutes are in the packet. The March meeting is scheduled for tomorrow night. The Como Energy Team is meeting on Thursday. The next Sunday Series event is this Sunday at the Street Car Station at 1:00: Re-Envisioning Our Energy Future. 

e. Como Regional Park Advisory Committee: Pete Bolstad reported that the next quarterly meeting of the advisory committee is in April. 

f. Executive Committee:  Jon Knox reported on three issues requiring action.

i. A revised conflict of interest policy was distributed in the board packet prior to tonight’s meeting. Each board member will need to sign a disclosure statement every year. Ted will have us sign them at the board retreat. Voting members of committees (such as Land Use) will need to sign disclosure statements.

Motion: Approve the updated Conflict of Interest Policy (Bolstad-Moon) Passed.

ii. The City requires an update of our affirmative action/equal employment opportunity policy in order to comply with requirements and receive payment from our City grants. 

Motion: Approve the policy on affirmative action/equal employment opportunity to be included in the staff manual. (Knox-James) Passed.

iii. Julie Tholen and Ted Blank have been working on a community education grant for composting. D10 will receive and manage the grant, not simply act as a fiscal agent as we have sometimes in the past. 

Motion: Affirm the submission of an application for $12,000 for a Community POWER Educational grant from the Solid Waste Coordinating Board (Ramsey County, funder). (Dolejsi-James) Passed.

VI. Adjourn: Motion to adjourn was made at 8:17 p.m. Passed.

Respectfully submitted by Linda R. Hinderscheit, Secretary

These minutes were approved on 4/15/2014. 

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