Minutes 05/2013
Wednesday, June 12, 2013 8:20 PM

Neighborhood Relations, Safety & Operations Committee


May 9, 2013

6:00pm – Historic Streetcar Station


Brigette Smith, Laurie Erickson, Ted Blank, Bill Sylvester, Janna Caywood, Mary Michalski, Pete Bolstad, Debra Pursley, Jackie Gulbranson

I. Call to Order

II. Community Discussion

III. Minutes approved from Last Meeting

a. Ted reminded co-chairs that minutes need to be loaded onto the website

IV. New Members

a. Brigette Smith lives in the neighborhood and has worked around the neighborhood; she recently became a realtor

b. Janna is going to try to come to most of the meetings; she is an active block leader and would like to figure out ways to connect with other block club leaders; she is also a lead organizer involved with the Como Lake Neighbor Network

V. Bike Rodeo Debrief

a. Ted got information for 50 people off registration cards

b. Over 1200 flyers were distributed

c. Ted sent out sponsor thank you letters

d. 33 people had their bikes checked in 1.5 hours

e. 23 or so kids went through the course

f. The weather was beautiful and the location was nice...people could bike around the lake

g. More challenging location for set up than at North Dale

h. Per approval for the flyers to the schools

i. Future considerations:

-Eliminate rain back up; cancel for weather

-Check walk permits next time

-Pair the Bike Rodeo with another event....like Como Fest

-Holy Childhood is a possible future location

-Get a "reuseable" sign thanking/acknowledging sponsors


VI. E-mail newsletter recruitment

a. E-newsletter about three years old

b. How can we try to get more people signed up for it?

c. Put a plug in the print newsletter

d. Use the Monitor

e. Can we do a contest? Como t-shirts, bumper stickers, prizes, first 15 entrants are entered into a prize

f. Block leaders can be encouraged to promote this information source

g. Use Nextdoor

h. Facebook...what about a link to sign up for the newsletter on our Facebook home page?

i. A number of people signed up to try to procure prizes

j. Ted will draw up a donation request form

k. Ideal Banquet center might be a good source for donations


VII. Business Association Meeting Recap

a. Ted, Laurie, Mary, Brigette met to start discussing; they plan to hold an event on June 19 at 8am at the Blackbear Crossings; they have free event space; goal is to get people involved to help start fleshing out what a business association might look like; businesses that serve district 10; not necessarily in district 10

b. They are also considering ways to market such a group

c. Laurie went to the bank and asked about the St Anthony Park business alliance – she learned that the bank (don’t recall name) has become the chief sponsor for the business alliance in that district. 

d. Ted will contact Topline Credit Union


VIII. Overview of CLNN

a. Como Lake Neighbor Network

b. The lake care and clean up were at the center

c. 2009 was the start; water quality of the lake seemed to be an issue

d. The group met with the Capital region watershed district and learned why the problem happens

e. This is a challenging lake to manage; excessive nutrients enter the water and cause excessive vegetation that is extremely difficult to remove

f. The Lake shed is very large; hard surfaces fast track water to the lake

g. Local governments are trying to put in engineered storm water catchers...those are expensive so movement is slow

h. The city street sweeping is too infrequent and often happens after a lot of organic material gets into the storm drain system

i. CLNN is learning about the issue and services available to help educate

j. Como curb cleanup trying to coordinate good household practices in partnership with local government

k. CLNN applied for a partner grant; they received $10,000 for a pilot project and another clean up in the fall; pilot is to test civic organization which can provide a structure for educating neighborhood leaders

l. The CLNN is interested in exploring a partnership with District 10

m. Possibility of using the training as a model for future leader training for other programs including Block Club and other District 10 programs 

n. Friends of the Mississippi is involved with stenciling streets, but they seem to be overwhelmed

o. It is illegal to rake leaves into the street in St Paul

p. Ted will contact other district councils because their block clubs are well structured

q. Ideally, people would compost their own leaves


IX. Block Club Meeting

a. Recap of the meeting

We would like to build a closer connection to NRSO

Block club leaders do not necessarily want to do committee work

What can we do to get more block leaders involved?  

Make the meetings more interesting...bring in speakers

What is the definition of a block club? It varies

Can district 10 board neighbors visit national night out events and introduce themselves and promote block club involvement?


X. Como Fest

a. Meeting on the 20th

b. Good sponsors

c. Rolling along

d. 18-20 of July


XI. Plant Exchange

a. We decided that due to the weather delayed spring it would be best to hold off on plant exchange until fall


XII. Neighborhood/St. Paul Clean Up

a. City canceled the clean up twice because of weather

b. People are encouraged to stop by the Parks and Rec building and pick up a garbage bag

c. Debra recommended that we target dog owners to help with this

d. Debra offered to lead a Kayak garbage clean up of Lake Como


XIII. Next Door

a. Who sets the boundaries? A lead can change the boundaries...there is a way to let people who are not in your boundaries post, but it is a work around

b. St Paul has e-democracy program and would like residents to use this


XIV. Other Business

a. South Como ad hoc integrations; business outreach would be a great thing to think about as we expand; environmental concerns

b. There were concerns that the number of people allowed to participate in the Garden Tour, by opening their garden up, was insufficient and exclusionary

-Board members encouraged sharing those concerns with Curt Stock 

c. Lao family presentation on the Hmong sports festival; emphasize opening the event up to non-Hmong neighborhood participants; we should help promote that event


Meeting adjourned at 8:05pm

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