Minutes 08/2013
Tuesday, September 10, 2013 4:30 PM

Neighborhood Relations & Safety Committee
August 15, 2013
6:00pm-Historic Streetcar Station

Members present: Jackie Gulbranson, Mary Michaelski, Laurie Erikson, Janna Caywood, Angie Sechler, Bill Sylvester, Ted Blank

  1. Meeting called to order at 6:05pm
  2. Community Discussion
  1. Ted shared news of the 2014-2016 Recycling plan
  1. Starting in 2014: moving to larger recycling bins with a single sort model
  2. The city will have expanded drop of composting site
  3. The city will increase its education of backyard composting
  4. It is unclear what will happen to the funding we currently receive for handing out recycling bins and what we can do to get community members to stop in to learn more about the neighborhood and District 10
Review/Approve Minutes from Last Meeting
  1. This happened over e-mail
New Members
  1. No new members attended; move to future meeting
NextDoor: social media tool available to help neighbors connect
  1. Some areas in the neighborhood are quite active on NextDoor
  2. One idea is to try to set up a District 10 network on NextDoor
  3. NextDoor will send postcards to areas with a new network: up to 100
  4. E-Democracy is another tool that the city was hoping to see get used
  5. There is a NextDoor phone app and you can set up a digest feed
  6. Next steps would be to promote NextDoor to Block Club leaders and try to increase use through smaller networks
  7. A future discussion point would be exploring the possibility of getting a Communications/media assessment and strategy done
Pancake Breakfast
  1. This is scheduled for Saturday October 26th
  2. Job Corps does not allow liquor, so we decided to table the chili feed idea
  3. Ted will be on vacation late September and early October; someone will need to take the lead on the event
  4. Ways to appeal to families with young kids:
  1. Carnival type activities; ask Job Corps kids to assist
  2. Costume contest
  3. Pumpkin carving contest (bring in a carved pumpkin)
  4. Theater show done by neighborhood theater troop
  5. Penny pitch
Silent Auction
  1. Another attraction for the pancake breakfast is a silent auction
  2. Committee members are encouraged to solicit donations from neighborhood businesses for the event
2014 Print Newsletter Distribution
  1. Currently our newsletter is printed for free by the Job Corps
  2. Our costs will increase as we take on communicating with the South Como portion of the neighborhood
  3. Currently the newsletter is a two page folded piece that is released four times per year
  4. If we reduce the number of pages to one, we could increase the frequency for almost the same cost as the projected cost at the beginning of 2014
  5. We need to get direction from the board about the desired frequency
Welcome Brochure
  1. Ted can get access to a list of people who hook up their water
  2. This is a way for us to know who is new to the neighborhood and do some outreach
  3. Ted will ask other districts how they connect with new residents
  4. Is one option to give welcome brochures to realtors to give to their clients?
Traffic Calming Signs
  1. The city has not been responsive to requests about traffic signs
  2. These issues need to be clearly defined in our district plan
  3. Council member Stark is a potential advocate for us on this issue
  4. Short term solution is to take suggestions for intersections that we want to see improve and adopt long term solutions into the district plan
Meeting adjourned at 8:00pm

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