Minutes 5/2/11
Tuesday, May 31, 2011 12:00 PM

District 10 Land Use Committee

Java Train, 05/02/2011


Committee attendance: Chris Harkness, Linda Hinderscheit, Bill Sylvester, Kim Moon and Betsy Wehrwein


The meeting was called to order at 7:02 p.m.


The agenda for the meeting was approved.


Minutes of the 4/4/2011 meeting were approved.


Chair’s Report: The City Council public hearing for the commercial signage issue has been rescheduled from this week to 5/18/11.


Jessica Bronk contacted the District 12 office. District 12 has agreed to keep District 10 in the loop with regard to any Midway Stadium issues. 


There is no new news from MGM-Walgreens redevelopment. Kim Moon asked about the reinstatement of the fence. Chris will call Lee Helgen’s office to find out what his office knows about this issue, including the fence, which is required by city ordinance. Chris will also e-mail Paul Setter of MGM to see if he has any news about the redevelopment proposal.


Midway Parkway West Como Small Area Plan: The District 10 Board approved the Land Use Committee’s request for an ad hoc committee to act as the Steering Committee for the development of a Small Area Plan. A co-chair, who is also a board member, needs to be recruited. The term of an ad hoc committee is one year, but can be extended by Board action.  Chris estimates that the work of the Steering Committee will take at least two years. Chris foresees the Steering Committee meeting about once per month. Bill suggested breaking the committee into work groups based upon individuals’ interests. Chris wants the committee to stay away from narrowly defined interests. The focus should be on the vision for the future: what does the community want? The focus should also be on neighborhood integrity, and how to work with one another, not adversarial relationships.


We discussed whom to target for recruitment for possible membership. Following are some of the suggestions:

  • Committee members who worked on the previous plan
  • Notifications should be sent to businesses, State Fairgrounds, Como Park, etc.
  • Realtors who work in the area
  • Websites
  • Churches
  • Lyngblomsten
  • Shalom Home
  • Booth Brown House
  • Job Corps Center

Page 4 of the Small Area Plan development guidelines lists stakeholders who should be represented on the Steering Committee. Page 13 lists chapters based on topics that need to be addressed in the plan.


Betsy and Chris both expressed interest in being co-chairs of the Steering Committee; however, they are chairs of the Neighborhood Relations and Land Use committees, respectively, and could not take on both responsibilities due to time constraints. The Board Chair ultimately decides who will be chair. There are other residents of the Midway Parkway West Como neighborhood on the board. In the next month, the issue of chair recruitment and selection will be explored further. The availability of staff time (and/or possibly an intern) will also be explored. Tasks for an intern would have to be well thought out and delineated in advance.


Other Business: Betsy stated that Jessica Bronk had spoken to the administration of the Street Rod Association, which indicated that they had attended a meeting two years ago in which all the problems were reportedly solved. They will not be able to attend the next Neighborhood Relations committee meeting due to a prior commitment. Chris and Betsy will talk to the D10 Executive Board to see if anyone has any knowledge of a meeting occurring with the Street Rod Association two years ago.


Upcoming meeting: Tuesday, 5/31, at 7:00 p.m. at the Java Train. (Note that the next meeting is on a Tuesday because of the Memorial Day holiday.)


Future meetings: Mondays:

·         6/27

·         (no meeting in July)

·         8/1

·         8/29

·         (no meeting in September)

·         10/3


The meeting was adjourned at 8:25 p.m.


These minutes are not official until approved.


Linda R. Hinderscheit, Committee member

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