Minutes 8/2009
Saturday, August 01, 2009 11:15 AM


District 10 Community Council

Community Council Meeting

Historic Streetcar Station

August 18, 2009 - 7:00 p.m.

Meeting Minutes

Directors present:



David Arbeit, Ted Sheu, Lori Klongtruatroke, Scott Baker, Barbara Clark, Sehoya Cotner

Directors excused:

Staff present:

Camille Schafer, Rhonda DeBough Insook, Josh Witte (Intern)

1. Call to Order

by David Arbeit at 7:00 pm

2. Review, Amend, Approve Agenda.

Marcy motioned for approval. Ted seconded. Agenda approved unanimously as

amended. (Added section 3D)

3. Community section

a. City Budget Prospects

David Arbeit spoke about the Mayor and the proposal for the City budget. The

response from the Mayor in regards to the request from the Board to minimize the

impact of budget cuts to the Community Council explains that the Mayor feels that

the Community Councils are a strong resource for the community and they were

spared from the reduction in budget funding. The budget has not yet been passed by

the City Council.

The CIB budget has been released. Only the first year budget is set. The rest is a

guide for the upcoming several years. There are four projects that appear:


Como Park Play Area (tentatively for 2011)


Como Historic Bridge (tentatively for 2011 as a 50% match to a federal grant)


a fund for everything except for the pool (admin, locker rooms, etc.) out of a fund

balance (2010).

Matt Schmitt spoke about the Dutch Ovens being funded outside of the CIB

(Legacy Funding & possibly the LCCR money). Construction will begin this fall.

Como Pool was not recommended for funding anywhere in the budget. There was

Community Council Meeting Minutes

August 18, 2009

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David Arbeit spoke about budget reductions affecting the rec. centers. It is likely

that the discussion will be opened up again when budget cuts come around again,

even though both of the rec. centers in D10 were not cut this time around. He

encouraged people to stay involved in that respect.

b. Lexington/Larpenteur/California/MGM Issues (Frick/Messic)

The ad hoc has been meeting twice a month. They are still in the info-gathering

phase. Janice Rettman and Ken K. came to speak at their meetings. There is a

meeting on Aug. 24

plan is in effect is one of the questions they are currently working on.

David Arbeit encouraged members to attend these meetings, especially if they live in

the area.

th at the Java Train & two more in September. Which land use

c. Traffic and Parking Issues (Martineau)

There was a meeting on Thursday. Paul St. Martin & Elizabeth Stiffler from the City

attended. A petition has been submitted for review regarding permit parking in the

neighborhood immediately west of Como Park. There was initially going to be a

discussion on a mock study in the neighborhood regarding permit parking, but given

the fact that the permit has already been submitted, and the fair and shuttle service

ending meant there would be no time for a study to take place.

The proposed permit is on the following blocks:

North side of Midway Parkway from Hamline Ave. to western property line of 1421

Midway Parkway.

South side of Midway Parkway from Hamline Ave. to western property line of 1406

Midway Parkway.

West side of Hamline Ave. from Como Ave. to Arlington Ave.

South side of Frankson Ave. from Hamline Ave. to western property line of 1428

Frankson Ave.

North side Frankson Ave. from Hamline Ave. to Pascal St.

Both side of Canfield Ave. from Hamline Ave. to western dead end of Canfield Ave.

No Parking 10a-4p Mon-Sun May 1 to Sept 30 Except by permit.

Mr. St. Martin has indicated that they are treating this area a little differently given

the sensitive nature of the surrounding area. He has asked to come to the Sept. 24


parking meeting so that he can present study numbers. He can also change the area

that the petition involves, but the petitioners can override those recommendations

with a vote of perhaps 70%. There will be a public meeting on Oct. 7

parking permit and a nonofficial vote and then the Community Relations Committee

will bring an action item to the Board at the next Community Council meeting. From

there, the Board will send their recommendation to the City. Matt Schmitt asked if the

Board needs to be involved in this issue. The City Council does not require it, but

they like to have a recommendation from the Community Council in order to have an

understanding on the community as a whole.

th to allow the

Community Council Meeting Minutes

August 18, 2009

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Ken Kunkle asked about parking being pushed onto the other side of the lake if we

allow permit parking on the Midway Parkway area. Chris Martineau said they are out

counting cars in an effort to understand how many cars currently park there, and how

many will be displaced if a parking permit does go into effect.

Chai Insook spoke about the parking pressure that the west side of the area is

currently feeling and their ability to go forward with permit parking to keep the Como

Zoo responsible for their visitors. Ken Kunkle asked where the zoo visitors are going

to park. Chai explained they don’t know, but there is a shuttle system is now in place

and could be used and advertised more. Ken Kunkle asked if the West gate being

closed has an impact on parking for Chai. Chai answered yes, but that Como Town

was also upgraded at the same time and that has also had a large impact on his

neighborhood. Panod Klongtruatroke spoke about living in the periphery of the

parking permit area. He spoke about neighbors being closest to the park being deeply

affected by the parking but that they need to be sensitive to how the other neighbors

are going to be affected. He encouraged folks to go to the meeting on Sept. 24

order to get information.

Como Park resident Pete asked about a study on the other side of the park. Chris

explained that they are counting cars and that the people closest to the park are being

affected by parking the most. There should also be a discussion for neighbors in

regards to how best to promote the shuttle service.

David encouraged people to come out to the meetings being held. There will not be

anything for the Board to vote on until October.

Marcy spoke about there being a possibility of neighbors getting upset and needing to

inform them so that people know about the permit parking and are not surprised by it.

Chris Harkness spoke about also informing the petitioning area because she has been

approached by people in the parking permit are who are not aware of it.

th in

d. Area Development Issues

Katie Please spoke about area development issues. She is a former Board member

who lives in the Lex/Larp. Area. She thinks that transparency is lacking when

decisions are made and that the avenues of getting information out to the neighbors

might not be the best. (Seniors w/o computers for example.) She sees block club

leaders as being a means to deliver information. She is also concerned that there is a

push to develop District 10 and that the residents suffer as a result of it. She urged us

to go and look at the master plan because of the amount of the amount of traffic.

High-density housing and rezoning, residential to commercial properties are what she

feels they see in our future. The result would be a more commercial district than the

residential area it is now. She sees eminent domain as something to be concerned

about because if it is revisited homeowners may be targeted for financial gain. If there

was a homeowner’s bill of rights or something along those lines, we might be able to

have something to help homeowners stand up against some of these issues.

Community Council Meeting Minutes

August 18, 2009

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David feels that we may need to revisit the plan to remove all ambiguity and then to

get it up on the web site. He explained that the block club system is in the process of

getting to the point of being used how Katie sees it, which is exactly how it is

intended to be used.

e. Presentation by Gerald Krieger’s family

The family was told that a field at North Dale would have Mr. Krieger’s name on

them and that they have to have permission from District 10 in order to proceed. Mr.

Krieger’s granddaughter explained that Mr. Krieger had passed away two months ago

and all of his accomplishments here in the community. They had a presentation

prepared for the Board and then asked that the North Dale rec. center be renamed the

Gerald Krieger Recreation Center or even just the building.

Ken Kunkle spoke to having known Gerald and how much he was involved in the

community and the rec. center.

David: The Dist. 10 CC recommended that the city recognize the life and service of

Gerald Krieger by naming the North Dale Rec Center the Gerald Krieger Rec Center.

David put a motion before the Board to rename the rec. center. Chris Harkness


Barbara Clark thought that perhaps there should be more community input before the

Board decides to recommend a name change for the North Dale Rec. Center.

Community member Katie thought that perhaps by naming a facility encourages

involvement by the community by showing appreciation to an individual who has

given a large amount of dedication to the community. The family explained that they

were told at the opening of the North Dale Rec. Center that naming an individual

normally takes place after an individual passes away.

David withdrew his motion in order to allow for public notification and then it will be

brought in Sept. for action. Matt Schmitt brought up the fact that the next newsletter

will go out in early Oct. so putting it on the agenda then will allow the entire district

to be notified. October will also be the annual meeting and there will be a large

number of attendees. The family would like to see the rec. center renamed before the

hockey season begins which is in October. Ken Kunkle asked if there really is a need

to push it off until Oct. David agreed and there was an agreement to have an article in

the newsletter and then to have a clear motion on the agenda in September.

Motion: Notify the community about our intent to consider a motion that reads: The

Dist. 10 CC recommends to the City that the life and service of Gerald Krieger be

honored by naming the North Dale Rec Center the Gerald Krieger Rec Center.

The family was content with September. The Board will also take action to notify the

community of the name change.

Chris M. seconds David’s motion.

Community Council Meeting Minutes

August 18, 2009

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f. Community Partnership Survey

There have been quite a few responses so far – 40 – for the online survey. There is a

mixed response. Community members see a positive impact, but the repercussions are

what people are focusing on in the survey. Before any conclusive findings are

presented they may want to get more information. The survey is open for another day

or two and David encouraged people to respond to it. The findings will be presented

at the next meeting.

g. Board Elections/Annual Meeting

David spoke about the annual meeting coming up on October 24

seven positions up for election, including some Executive Committee seats.

th. There will be

4. Review, Amend, Approve July Minutes

Ken motioned

Ted seconded.

Approved unanimously.

5. Board Updates

a. Board Chair Report (Arbeit)

National Night Out was a success and many Board members turned out and many

helped put up and tear down the event. Josh went to several events to see how they

were going. Barbara Clark stated that several Board members were also in attendance

at Tilden Park.

Ken Kunkle spoke about having packets that he had going out along with information

from the Wetterling foundation as well.

David thanked everyone for their effort.

The funding situation has been diversified and things are coming together to make it

possible to move forward for another year. He also thanked Camille for all of the hard

work she has done in regards to the grants she has been working on.

Luka is a new intern. Rhonda spoke about how he came into contact with the District.

He will be working on the packet and going to the Communications Committee


b. Treasurer report – (Micek)

We are now in the black and thanked Camille for her hard work. The Financial

Development Committee met last night and it almost has a grant application template

ready to present to the Board.

c. Staff report - Staff

Camille is working on documenting office procedures.

Rhonda is out in the community.

Committee reports – Committee Chairs

Matt Schmitt (Communications Committee)

Community Council Meeting Minutes

August 18, 2009

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Will be posting training. The newsletter did get shifted to Oct. 8

Job Corps and Monitor schedules. David spoke about falling behind on getting

committee minutes up on the site. Some of them are all the way back in Feb. and we

need to stay on top of that and perhaps train individuals who are needing to post their

minutes. Matt spoke about writing up a document for next month to explain the


th to work with the

6. Discussion Items

a. Neighborhood Cleanup (Staff)


volunteers to help make things go smoothly.

th of September and there are enough volunteers. There will be training for super

b. Others

7. Action Items

a. Census Bureau Complete Count Grant (DeBough)

Refreshments Budget

Requested Action: Approve request to receive grant from Census Bureau

Motioned by

Seconded by Chris Harkness

Action item passed unanimously

b. Refreshments Budget (DeBough)

Requested action: Approve request to spend discretionary funds.

Board allocates up to $20/mo for food and refreshments at meetings sponsored

by District 10, subject to an available fund balance in the Council’s discretionary

budget accounts.

Motioned by David

Barbara Clark asked if this is changing the budget. David explained there will be a

revised budget presented by Marcy next month.

Seconded by

Action Item passed unanimously.

8. Adjourn

Meeting adjourned at 9:21pm

Minutes prepared by Lori Klongtruatroke


Marcy Micek, Matt Schmitt, Ken Kunkle, Mike MacDonald, Chris Harkness, Chris Martineau,

Barbara Frick, Karl Koch, Misty Havens.


Directors absent:


Community Council Meeting Minutes

August 18, 2009

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