News on the Streets Isn't Good
Friday, August 2, 2019 8:00 AM


You know this if you drive. You definitely know this if you bike. Now a new report offers the numbers and charts showing that Saint Paul's streets really are not in good shape. Things will get significantly worse unless the city revamps its approach and its funding, the report promises. Public Works director Kathy Lantry is scheduled to present the report to the City Council this Wednesday, Aug. 7, at 10 a.m. Among the lowlights:

  • Based on the nationally recognized Pavement Condition Index, Saint Paul's 869 miles of streets have an average index of 62. That is the definition of "fair." A score of 100 is tops; 0 is a complete failure.
  • In order to maintain the city's 762 miles of arterial and residential streets at the same level, the report projects that annual funding will have to double to nearly $44 million.
  • The 82 miles of Ramsey County's roads in the city are in the best shape overall, with an average index of 71. Saint Paul's residential streets are slightly above average at 64. Saint Paul's arterial streets are below average at 55. But that is a notch above the 25 miles of highways that MnDOT operates in the city; they have an average index of 54.
  • Right now, 5 percent of the city's arterials have an index of 10 or lower, which is considered failure. If funding levels remain the same, 28 percent of arterials will be in "failed" condition in 20 years, the report says.
  • The outlook is even worse for residential streets. Right now, about 35 percent are rated in poor, very poor, serious, or failed condition. In 20 years, that percentage will soar to over 90 percent unless funding and policies change.

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