Now We're Talking Trash
Friday, August 3, 2018 11:50 AM


Six different haulers will handle trash pickup in Como once Saint Paul's coordinated collection system begins Oct. 1. Trash day for most of the neighborhood will be Friday, the same day as recycling. For District 10 residents west of Hamline, however, trash day will be Monday; recycling day will remain Friday.

Those are among details residents will receive any day, now that the city has mailed 85,000 brochures with up-to-date trash talk. If you can't wait for the mailer, get the scoop on your hauler and trash day by using the city's interactive garbage map. A quick, rough glance of how things are divvied up in District 10:

  • Advanced Disposal: Pickup is Friday for a small portion of the neighborhood roughly south of Maryland and east of Como Ave.
  • Aspen Waste Systems: Pickup is Monday for residents west of Hamline and south of Midway Parkway, plus residents west of Hamline, south of Arlington, and east of Pascal. Pickup is Friday in Energy Park.
  • Gene's Disposal: Pickup is Friday for residents north of Como Regional Park and west of Chatsworth (with a few exceptions).
  • Highland Sanitation: Pickup is Friday for residents south of the lake roughly between Lexington and Dale.
  • Pete's Rubbish and Hauling: Pickup is Monday for residents west of Hamline and north of Arlington, plus residents west of Pascal and north of Midway Parkway.
  • Waste Management: Pickup is Friday for residents east of Chatsworth (give or take) and north of Maryland.

Here are other things to pay attention to:

  • The new trash carts will be delivered beginning Aug. 13 but we in District 10 probably won't get ours until mid- to late September, which means we'll be among the last to have to store the fashionable, basic black carts, in three distinctive sizes. (Don't use the carts, however, until new service starts Oct. 1.)
  • Our new haulers will send us the bill in September for the first three months of service.
  • If you don't like your cart size, you'll have to live with it until January. Then you can switch it out for a larger or smaller option.

The city is dividing service among 11 haulers. Each hauler will handle every single-family home, duplex, and apartment building (up to four units) within a designated geographic area. Residents have four service options (prices includes tax and other fees):

  • 35-gallon cart, picked up every other week: $20.28 per month
  • 35-gallon cart, picked up every week: $23.44 per month
  • 65-gallon cart, picked up every week: $32.03 per month
  • 95-gallon cart, picked up every week: $34.15 per month

Bills are sent quarterly, which means we pay for three months of service in advance. Property owners are responsible for the bill. In addition, an administrative fee of $24.60 per year is added to property tax bills.

These and many more other details are on the city's Garbage website. So are phone numbers and email addresses for questions they didn't think of.


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