010914 NRSO minutes
Tuesday, January 21, 2014 3:25 PM


Neighborhood Relations Safety and Operations (NRSO)

January Committee Meeting

Streetcar Station 01/09/14



Members present:  Ted Blank, Mary Michalski, Angie Sechler, Julie Tholen, Anne McInerney, Sandy Peterson, Bonnie Youngquist and Bill Sylvester


Members absent: Janna Caywood, Laurie Erickson, Delores Rufenacht, Pete Bolstad, Patrick Tschida, Annie Huidekoper



  1. Call to order at 6:15


  1. Review / approve minutes from last meeting – group reviewed the Dec Planning notes and agreed that since no formal notes we would use these by adding the attendees to the notes.


  1. Committee Leadership – Jackie Gulbranson has resigned from her position on the board and as well as Co-Chair of the NRSO due to family commitments.  We will greatly miss Jackie’s leadership and community spirit and wish her all the best.  Hopefully she will be able to join in some committee activities later in the year. 


  1. Prioritize 2014 Committee Planning ideas

The group reviewed the list from the December meeting and made the following decisions / plans for targeted goals.  


A.    Pancake Breakfast and Silent Auction:

·         Target date of 10/25. 

·         Ted will reach out to Job Corp

·         Begin to think about ideas for silent auction – we should reach out to community as early as possible.


B.    Neighborhood Garage Sale:

·         Scheduled for May 17th

·         D10 is responsible for promos and advertising

·         Would be great to have a secure area for brochures – like the realtor boxes.  Anne can get us one of these for use. 

·         We will look into selling ads on the back of the map – or a single sponsor.



C.   Como Walk About

·         Anyone from community welcome to join in!

·         Weekly on Saturday at 9:00 am – meet at the Pavilion

·         Starting January 18th



D.   Sunday Series

NRSO would like to expand the Sunday Series to include Fall dates in September, October and November.  Topics under consideration are:

·         History of the State Fair:  Jerry from State Fair gave a great overview to the board in 2013.  Ted to send Mary his contact information and Mary will approach to see if he is interested.

·         History of railroad

·         History of Minor League Baseball – spotlight on the St Paul Saints.  Mary to Annie to investigate possibilities.

·         History of St Paul Police – Julie to investigate possibilities.


      E.    Safety Event

·         Fire safety at the Street Car Station

·         April 26th or May 3rd target dates

·         Ask Dolores if she would contact SPFD


F.    Business Association

Ted may have a Chair / Lead for this sub-committee – stay tuned!



G.   Welcome South Como!

·         Social Hour / Listening hour:

o   Ted to approach Gabes – hoping they would sponsor appetizers with an open bar.

o   5:30 to 7:00 – open for discussion

o   Target late February or early March

·         Flamingo Friday Ice Cream Social

o   Target date of June 13th

o   Would like to hold this at the Street Car Station – Ted will contact Parks to get started on logistics

o   Anne will check with Kemps to see if they would sponsor.  Moo-Zeum would be awesome for the kids!

o   Perhaps a musical group -- ?? to investigate


  1. 7:30 – Meeting adjourned


Minutes submitted by Mary Michalski



document NRSO 010914 minutes   --  January 2014 minutes

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