031314 NRSO Minutes
Saturday, March 29, 2014 11:20 AM

District 10 Como Park Community Council
Neighborhood Relations/Safety/Operations Committee
Minutes – March 13, 2014
Attendees: Mary Michalski, Angie Sechler, Ted Blank (District 10 Administrator), Ann McInerney, Bill Sylvester, Sandy Peterson,  Julie Tholen, Dolores Rufenacht, Patrick Tschida, Pete Bolstad,
  1. Call to Order: The committee reviewed and agreed on the agenda for tonight’s meeting.
  1. Community Discussion:  The Job Corps will be having a “Job Jam” on 3/26.  They are looking for volunteers to help with mock interviewing. Ted will put an article regarding this event into this week’s e- blast.
  1. Review/Approve Minutes from Last Meeting: The minutes for the last meeting were approved.
  1. St. Paul Walks Group: Ted reported that Sarah from St. Paul Walks will not be here tonight. She will try to reschedule for a future meeting.
  1. Updates on following planned events:
·         Como Walk About – Julie anticipates having a better turnout this coming weekend. Also talked about starting the walks at the Streetcar Station. The group also discussed the possibility of adding walks on weekdays. Mondays were identified as a possible day for additional walks. Julie discussed advertising in e-blast and possibly putting posters out at Black Bear.
·         Neighborhood Garage Sale – This event will be held on May 17. Ted indicated the cost of early registration will be $10 (through April 25) with a regular registration fee of $15. No registrations will be taken after May 9.
·         Fire/Safety Event – Dolores will reach out to St. Paul Fire Department regarding the activities they could provide for this event. The committee agreed to keep the event focused toward kids.   Ted indicated the Streetcar Station has been reserved for 4/26 from  8 AM to Noon. The committee agreed to set the times of the event for 9:30 to 11:30 AM. Ted indicated we will be able to publicize the event in the Bugle/Monitor before the event. Ted will also reach out to the Police Department for possible safety presentations. Mary will send information regarding needing volunteers for the event. We will have volunteers for 8:30 – 10:30 and 10 – Noon. Mary will ask Julie to develop flyer/handout for this event. The committee agreed that much of the next NRSO meeting will be focused on final planning for this event.   
·         Flamingo Friday Ice Cream Social – Reported on June 13 event Anne reported she will be getting supplies from Kemps. Julie suggested having giant anniversary card on display given Kemp’s upcoming anniversary celebration. Ted noted that we may invite Park/Bugle folks to participate at the event.  Possible activities may include having an area for the kids to color and to receive Moo Cow tattoos. A suggestion was also made to invite people to bring blankets/chairs/Frisbees. Ted noted that Ward 5 is willing to send out a mailing advertising the event. Sandy will help recruit and keep track of volunteers. Ted indicated we might be able to get volunteers from Job Corps. Dolores reminded the committee that McDonald’s could be asked to donate water coolers for the event. Anne reported that the next meeting for the organizing committee is April 24.      
·         Garden Tour – The date for the Garden Tour will be June 21. Sites are still being sought for the event. Information on volunteers should be sent to Val Cunningham. Ted noted that the “center” of tour may be focused at the day care center located on Hamline and Nebraska.
·         Comofest – Ted provided an update on Comofest. The next planning meeting will be held on 4/8 at Lyngblomsten. The committee was reminded that Comofest  is scheduled for July 11-12. Friday activities will be held at NW Como with Saturday events at Lyngblomsten.
·         Pancake Breakfast – Ted reported that he spoke with Cate Edlund about the event and that the Job Corps is excited about our return. The committee agreed to look at having another Silent Auction.
·         Sunday Series –. Annie Huidekoper confirmed she will prepare a presentation regarding the history of minor League baseball in the Twin Cities. This presentation will be scheduled for the last weekend in September. The second event of the fall series will be held on the last Sunday in October.  Julie will reach out to the St. Paul Police historian as a possible speaker for the October presentation.    
  1. Block Club Meeting:
Ted got an update of people interested in staying on as block clubs. The next quarterly meeting will be held on 4/17.
  1. Traffic Calming:
Ted noted he has heard there are “moves afoot to re-do Dale Street.” He also talked about leaders wanting to have “Block Parties with a Purpose” regarding traffic calming. Ted will look at options for speakers for these events. Council members might be willing to provide grants for speakers.
  1. Community Garden:
Julie reported on conversations she has had with people who have organized community gardens in St. Anthony Park. Julie proposed setting a date for a meeting where people can express their interest. Ted agreed to put information about a potential meeting in the e-blast.
  1. New Bikeways: Ted reported there were flyers available about the St. Paul bikeways plan. These flyers were distributed during the presentation at the District planning meeting on Monday, March 10.
Respectfully submitted,
Pete Bolstad

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