021314 NRSO Minutes
Saturday, March 29, 2014 11:15 AM

Neighborhood Relations & Safety Committee
February 13, 2014
6:30pm-Historic Streetcar Station
Members present: Janna Caywood, Ted Blank, Julie Tholen, Bonnie Youngquist, Sandy Peterson, Anne McInerney, Pete Bolstad, Delores Rufenacht, Annie Huidekoper
Community representatives: Bill Sylvester, John Holmlun
Members absent: Laurie Erickson, Patrick Tschida
  1. Call to Order – 6:35
  2. Community Discussion
Feb 24 6:30 to 8:00 former church building – there is a meeting regarding traffic/parking at German Immersion School.
  1. Review/Approve Minutes from Last Meeting
Clarification that we have not eliminated block clubs as an initiative for this group rather it simply wasn’t part of last month’s discussion.
  1. Welcome new members – no new members but we did have a visitor, John, whose children are in a local school.  
  2. Review / updates for 2014 committee plans
  1. Comofest –
Kick off meeting held 2/4/14 - next meeting Tuesday 3/4 and then following first Tuesday of each month. We are looking for additional members to join this sub-committee, anyone with interest (committee member or neighbor) please contact Ted. The planning committee would like to add more local food vendors.
Como Fest is targeted for July 25th & 26th
  1. Garden Tour
This year the Garden Tour will be an even on its own rather than being a part of ComoFest. The date has been set for June 21st which is the Saturday after Father’s Day. We are requiting for volunteers for committee planning as well as garden volunteers. Linder’s was a significant sponsor last year but has now  closed their nursery. We have a need to explore new sponsor(s) – perhaps Warner’s Stellian or other company’s within D10 or near by.
  1. Pancake Breakfast
Target date is October 25th. Idea for the “Kids corner – could we include the I Perform Theatre – Janna will reach out.
  1. Neighborhood Garage Sale
Event is scheduled for May 17th.  There is a nominal fee to be listed on the map.
Ted has reached out to local realtors to see if any are interesting in being sponsors.
  1. Como Walk About
Yes, it’s been cold but let’s get out there!  
Suggestion to add a flyer to the boards at Black Bear – Julie will create one and email to Ted.
Allina Healthy Community Grants – brought up by Ted who will distribute information that he has.
Investigate rewards for walkers – Saints tickets, paddleboat tickets, $5. gift card for Black Board. 
Vary the walk such as making a loop through the park as well – add additional days as weather warms and even vary the times.
Walk our way to Spring promotion.
  1. Sunday Series
We have narrowed down to NRSO sponsoring September and October
History of the State Fair: Jerry from State Fair gave a great overview to the board in 2013. The Board has requested him to speak in May – Ted will follow up regarding this request when appropriate.  It may or may not be appropriate to have him do both.
A History of Minor League Baseball with a spotlight on our very own St Paul Saints. Annie will look into this for the last Sunday in September.
History of St Paul Police – Julie has a contact and will reach out to see if any interest. This would have a good response in the community if the speaker would be able to include any history related to the Como area.  
  1. Fire / Safety Event
Fire safety event at the Street Car Station – Dolores will reach out to SPFD to see if they could do either April 26th or May 3rd. as target dates
Ted checked and currently no events are scheduled at Street Car Station for either date.
Education aspect – how do we recharge fire extinguisher? Why so many car fires of late. Brainstorm for top ten questions related to fire and how we can protect ourselves.
  1. Business Association
No chair for this sub-committee at this time.
  1. Welcome South Como
Social Hour / Listening hour:
Discussed at Board Meeting – Jon was open. But we would need to find a sponsor for this event as D10 is not able to cover costs of approximately $500. City would fund a mailer regarding the event. 
Group agreed to nix this idea for now and concentrate on the ice cream social event.
Flamingo Friday Ice Cream Social
Sandy will post to the South Como Facebook page with the idea to gain input and (hopefully) assistance.  
Date of June 13th – 6:00 to 8:00 pm – has been selected.
Street Car Station is available – Ted will contact Parks to book.
Anne checked with Kemps and they will donate ice cream. To commemorate the 100th anniversary of Kemps they have created a moo-zeum and Anne will check if this could be utilized. Kemps would like some ballpark numbers – the group thought we could expect between 200 to 300 people as a target.
Anne will be sub-committee chair for this event and organize a meeting before our next meeting. J
  1. Traffic calming
We ran out of time and will add this to next month’s agenda.
  1. Block Club Update
National Night Out – police will visit if asked. Ramsey County – if you rsvp’d they had fun historical information to share
We ran out of time and will add this to next month’s agenda.
  1. New Business
Respectively submitted
Mary Michalski

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