NRSO 121213 minutes
Tuesday, January 21, 2014 3:10 PM


NRSO December 2013 Minutes

NRSO Committee Planning Ideas


Members present:  Ted Blank, Mary Michalski, Jackie Gulbranson, Angie Sechler, Julie Tholen, Anne McInerney, Sandy Peterson, Bonnie Youngquist, Janna Caywood, Laurie Erickson, Delores Rufenacht, Pete Bolstad, and Bill Sylvester

Members absent: Patrick Tschida, Annie Huidekoper


Welcome to new members -- Anne McInerney, Sandy Peterson, Bonnie Youngquist


At the 12/12/13 meeting we categorizad the topics into five áreas. 

O = Outreach (welcoming, neighborhood community building)

S = Safety

C = Communication

F = Fundraising

E = Events



This picture demostrates our primary goal of community building and shows how communication, fundraising and saftey are all impacted by various events.




The following was the groups consensus on NRSO goals for the 2014 year.  This is not a final list but does reflect the majority opinion of those in attendance at the December meeting.

Garage sale


Pancake Breakfast

Welcome South Como – to be a primary topic of January meeting

Block Clubs

Garden tour – most likely event for raffle

Safety event – fire in late April / early May – also of interest is traffic calming but for 2014 this may be more of an investigative effort

Sunday Series – NRSO would sponsor a Fall topic




Neighborhood Community Building

















































  1. O -Turkey Walk-Off 

Have a community walk around the lake the weekend after Thanksgiving.


  1. E O - Safety Event

A safety event (or two) for the year.  Last year we did the bike rodeo.  Safety topics; fire, home, bike, walking


  1. E O F- Comofest


  1. E - Garden Tour

Discussion around having this as a separate event from Comofest – perhaps not in the middle of July which is so very hot. 


  1. E - Front Door Photo Contest: Doors of Como – Make it a calendar – limit of three entries per person – written permission for any front door pictures.


6.O S C - Documentation: D10 Council Strategy Communication Branding – revise the Como neighborhood brochure


7. E O - BBQ and meet the D10 Board – volunteer recognition



8. One allowed for 501C per year.  Possible timing with Comofest or Garden Tour.  If with Garden Tour D10 has a bit more control.  Selling of tickets is a concern – ideal to have them available / promoted at each garden site. This would require D10 to have representatives at each garden site or at a designated site if several in walking distance.


  1. E - Garage sale


  1. E - Plant exchange


  1. O C - Monitor monthly column – how can we make better use of this


  1. O E - Spaghetti Dinner Event

Job Corp has proposed doing this event with us.  Good family orientated activity.  Possible to do raffle with this event.  Silent auction was good – we could consider that again but do need to be careful to hit up all of the same sponsors as they may not like multiple in a year.  Could consider a different theme for the silent auction. 

13. O E - Como Neighbors at the Saints


  1. O - Listening session – here’s what D10 is about – tell us your thoughts


  1. O - Business Association

Restart this group and promote involvement with South Como businesses too.


  1. S - Traffic Calming – paint the pavement


  1. E O - Winterfest Event

A variety of smaller events / activities to get people out and about and enjoying the neighborhood Winter wonders – perhaps not the walking in your Winter underwear!


  1. E - Summer Book Club for kids


  1. C - Guest Blogger


  1. O E - Master Gardner presentation – potential to tie in with Environment Committee


  1. O E - Holiday light contest – on Facebook and/or D10 webpage


  1. O - Block Club leaders – how to make it a meaningful group – who are we? Networking opportunities within neighborhood


  1. F - Revenue enhancement ideas – such as ads in the e-blast


  1. O - Historic preservation ideas


  1. O Communication role – what is the role of a sub-district rep vs an at large rep – this is more for the larger D10 board than this committee


  1. O C E - Welcome South Como


  1. S E - Q&A with St Paul police


  1. O E - Block Party thru neighborhoods – block party with a purpose


  1. O E - Sunday Series (need to coordinate with Environment Committee) – bird guy – energy efficiency – Jerry from State Fair


  1. O -Ideas for how to better utilize the station – coffee clutch – a hot cocoa machine – lecture or walk through park / neighborhood with overview of points of interest


  1. E - Pancake Breakfast



document NRSO 121213 minutes   --  Dec 2013 minutes

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