Shoreline Gets a Facelift
Wednesday, October 26, 2016 12:30 AM


Saint Paul Parks began three major shore and bluff restoration projects north and west of Como Lake this fall. The projects will dramatically change the look of the shoreline and the habitat for birds and other wildlife.

Overall, the projects are intended to improve water quality by removing invasive and diseased species (especially in the understory), stabilizing slopes, and restoring desirable plants, trees, and shrubs. Restoration will take place:

  • On a 315-foot stretch of the west shoreline, just north of Dockside. (This is Area A on the map.) Planting of native species will complete the restoration of the immediate shoreline of the lake.
  • On the oak savanna on the north bluff of the lake, between East Como Lake Drive and East Como Blvd. from roughly Lakeview to Lexington. (This is Area B on the map.) Right now, invasive species such as buckthorn, black locust, white mulberry, honeysuckle and smooth brome dominate this deciduous woodland. Sparse groundcover contributes to erosion issues. The restoration project will remove invasive species and nearby turf grass and replace them with native grasses and forbs. To help stabilize the slopes in the short-term, crews will apply a bonded-fiber matrix hydromulch.
  • On the oak woodlands north and east of Lexington up the bluff to Nebraska and Chatsworth. (This is Area C on the map.) Bur oak, hackberry and elm dominate this forest canopy, but invasive and diseased species such as buckthorn, green ash, and mulberry dominate the understory. Diseased and invasive trees will be removed and replaced with more compatible trees, shrubs and other plants.

If you’ve got questions about the projects, email the Natural Resources department or call 651-632-5111.

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