Speed Limits are Going Down
Wednesday, March 18, 2020 1:10 PM


After several months of engineering studies required by the state, Saint Paul and Minneapolis announced a joint effort March 12 to reduce speed limits to 20 mph for most residential streets, and 25 mph for most city-owned collectors. The current limit on those streets typically is 30 mph.

The cities are publicizing the change with the slogan “Slower is safer.” Research shows that when pedestrians are hit by a vehicle travelling 20 mph, 13 percent will die or suffer a severe injury. That casualty rate goes up to 40 percent if the driver is travelling 30 mph, and 73 percent if the driver is travelling 40 mph.

The lower speed limits will be phased in – first by posting 25 mph signs on collectors, then a blanket application of the 20 mph limit on remaining residential streets in both cities.

In District 10, the speed limit will be lowered from 30 mph to 25 mph on these streets:

  • Hamline between Como Ave. and Larpenteur
  • Van Slyke
  • Chatsworth north of Front
  • East Como Lake Drive
  • East Como Blvd south of Victoria
  • Victoria from Wheelock to Larpenteur
  • Como Ave. from Dale to Argyle
  • Maryland from Dale to the lake
  • Nagasaki
  • Horton
  • Arlington from Dale to Victoria
  • Hoyt from Lexington to Snelling
  • Midway Parkway

Wheelock Parkway will remain 25 mph.

Speed limits will not change on state highways and Ramsey County roads. In District 10, that means current speed limits of 30 mph or higher will remain on: Snelling, Lexington Parkway, Dale, Front, Energy Park Drive, Como Ave. west of Lexington, and Larpenteur Ave.

Speed limits on all other streets in District 10 will be 20 mph. (For what it’s worth, 20 is the speed limit on streets within the State Fairgrounds.)

See an interactive map of where speed limits are changing citywide.

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