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Sunday, June 4, 2017 7:00 AM


District 10 is launching a “safety flag” project at hazardous crosswalks in the neighborhood. The concept is simple: As a pedestrian, you 1) grab a fluorescent orange flag that’s mounted on one side of the crosswalk, 2) wave it to get motorists’ attention, 3) walk across safely. After all, state law requires drivers and cyclists to stop for pedestrians in any crosswalk – marked or unmarked. (Once you reach the other side, just deposit the flag in the canister mounted there.)
District 10's Neighborhood Relations and Safety Committee is mounting the flag kits at five crosswalks that, based on surveys, residents see as hazardous:

  • Como at Pascal
  • Front at Chatsworth
  • Hamline at Nebraska
  • Lexington at Como Lake Drive
  • Nagasaki in the park near the fishing pier / parking lot

Sponsor a crosswalk: If you want to sponsor a flag kit for a different crosswalk that’s important to you, round up $31.50, and we’ll make and mount another kit. Here are available intersections:

  • Arlington at St. Albans
  • Arona at Almond
  • Chatsworth at Como Ave.
    (Thank you to an anonymous donor)
  • Como Ave. at Arona
  • Como Ave. at Snelling
  • Como Ave. near the fire pits
  • E. Como Blvd. at Nagasaki
    (Thank you to Ron and Patty Rud)
  • W. Como Blvd. at Nagasaki
    (Thank you to Ron and Patty Rud)
  • Como Lake Drive at Lakeview
    (Thank you to Corrin Wendell)
  • Dale at Jessamine
  • Front at Grotto
  • Hamline at Albany
  • Hamline at Arlington
  • Hamline at Hoyt (2 sets)
  • Hamline at Midway Parkway
    (Thank you to Terri Tacheny)
  • Maryland at Grotto
  • Pascal at Albany
    (Thank you to Matthew Cain)
  • Van Slyke, Horton and Churchill
    (Thank you to Kevin Anderson and Erin Dooley)

Just make your choice, then call us at 651-644-3889 or email us. We’ll handle the rest.

  • Do you have concerns about pedestrian safety at a crosswalk not listed here? Come to our next Neighborhood Relations and Safety meeting (July 11) to help us help you!

District 10 Como Community Council | 1224 Lexington Pkwy N, Saint Paul, MN 55103 | 651.644.3889 | district10 [at]

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