Time is Up for 110 More Ash Trees
Wednesday, April 3, 2019 10:10 AM

An emerald ash borer (Photo: Star Tribune)

Saint Paul Forestry has begun removing stumps left over from the 110 boulevard ash trees that cut down this winter in District 10; removal will continue into the summer. On April 3, crews also began cleaning up branches, sawdust and other debris left on streets, boulevards, sidewalks and front yards.

Replacement trees will be planted in fall of 2019 and spring of 2020, depending on the species. Property owners will receive advance notice of which type of tree the city intends to replant. Residents can request a different species but, because the city is trying to increase the variety and diversity of trees in the urban forest, not all individual requests can be satisfied.

The110 trees in District 10 are among more than 1,000 Forestry will cut down across the city in 2019, mostly the result of emerald ash borer infestation. Forestry does not expect to remove any more trees in District 10 this year. However, the neighborhood toll in 2019 is nearly twice as high as it was in 2018. The total does not include the 220 trees the Parks department took down in Como Regional Park. Boulevard trees being taken down in District 10 in 2019 were on:

  • Alameda between Cottage and Wheelock
  • Avon between Arlington and Lakeview
  • California between Avon and Milton
  • Cottage between Dale and Grotto
  • Fisk between Hoyt and Idaho
  • Iowa between Fisk and Grotto
  • Nevada west of Grotto

You can view the city's map of exactly where the trees will be removed. Tree removal is scheduled to begin Jan. 22; timelines for stumping and replanting remain up in the air.

The city is also trying to preserve about 125 ash trees in District 10 through a treatment program. Trees being treated are on:

  • Albert between Frankson and Nebraska
  • Almond west of Snelling
  • Breda between Hamline and Snelling
  • Como Ave. south of the lake
  • Cottage between Avon and Grotto
  • Grotto south of Maryland
  • Montana between Dunlap and Lexington
  • Pascal between Arlington and Frankson
  • St. Albans between California and Iowa

Originally published January 2019; updated April 2019.

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