What We Can – and Can’t Do – during the State Fair
Thursday, August 10, 2017 7:55 AM


The State Fair runs Thursday Aug. 24 through Monday Sept. 4. As part of the zaniness, special zoning allowances kick in for western portions of District 10.

Residents in the “State Fair Overlay Parking District” can park vehicles on their front and side yards during the 12 days of the Fair. To park vehicles in your front yard, you must get written permission from the adjoining property owners on both sides. The boundaries of the parking overlay district: Starting at Snelling and Hoyt, east on Hoyt to Chelsea, south on Chelsea to Arlington, west on Arlington to Hamline, south on Hamline to Wynne, west on Wynne to Winston, north on Winston to Como, east on Como to Snelling, and north on Snelling to Hoyt.
Also, parking is restricted to one side of many neighborhood streets during the Fair. In addition, the usual parking rules apply: no blocking driveways, crosswalks, alleys, fire hydrants, etc.

Only residents in the “State Fair Vending Overlay District” are allowed to host licensed vendors in their yards selling merchandise or services. Vending is allowed only in the area starting at Snelling and Hoyt, south on Snelling to Canfield, east on Canfield to Arona, north on Arona to the alley north of Midway Parkway, west to the alley east of Snelling, north to Hoyt, and west to Snelling.
Vendors cannot set up within public right of ways or within 3 feet of public right of ways.

Licensed peddlers also are restricted in how they can operate. Peddlers cannot conduct business on any sidewalk that is less than 6 feet wide, or within 25 feet of a street corner. In addition, peddlers have to keep moving – they can stop only “for a sufficient length of time to complete a sale or transaction. The peddler must move once the transaction is completed.” Unlicensed peddlers are not allowed.


  • If you see a parking violation, call it in directly to St. Paul Parking Enforcement, 651-266-5585 during weekday business hours; 651-291-1111 at other times.
  • If you suspect violations of peddling or vending regulations, contact Jerome Benner II at the city’s Department of Safety and Inspections. Call him at 651-266-9088 or send an email.

More Details
For full details on parking, vending, and peddling regulations, including restrictions on what can be sold, see the city ordinance.


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